Logan Review


I’ve been wanting to see this movie since I seen the promos for it a little while back. While I’m not a huge fan of the individual “Wolverine” movies, I knew that this was the end of an era for me since I basically spent my middle to late teenage years growing up with the original X-Men movies. I just had to see this movie and even though I wasn’t able to go and see it in the movies, I was able to rent it thanks to my handy dandy PlayStation. Keep reading to see if it lived up to all my super high expectations.

The year is now 2029, which is a hell of a long time from when we last left off in the X-Men universe. Logan, played for the final time by Hugh Jackman, is an old man now after being alive for as long as he has and he’s the only caretaker left of Professor X, played by Patrick Stewart. Both of them are essentially dying and Logan is trying to get them away from a world that once loved them and has now turned on them. Doing so he’ll encounter Laura, played by Dafne Keen, who will change everything as Logan and Professor X learn that children are being genetically modified to be “mutants,” but not just any mutants. They’re being created to be killing machines. It’ll be up to Logan and Professor X to put a stop to all of this.

There’s something missing… I don’t like to go into spoilers for my reviews because I don’t want to spoil stuff for people which is just plain rude. I do want to say though that it’s mentioned that all of the other mutants in Professors X’s care have been wiped out. The movie changes what happened in the comic books, but I still think that a scene, even a flashback scene, should have been added into the movie to show what happened. It’s later explained in the movie, but I think a scene, which would have been painful to watch, would have still had more of an effect to fans of the series without taking away from the story that was meant to be told.

I thought this movie was awesome and everything a Wolverine based movie should be. It told an amazing story and was basically the end of an era. The plot of the overall movie was spectacular and the movie itself was more action packed than any other X-Men / Wolverine movie has ever been. I enjoyed the action that this movie had to offer and it made me think that maybe some of the other movies would have been better if they had this level of action to it, but mostly I enjoyed the story that it told. The story was a sad one and wasn’t easy to watch.

It’s a comic book movie, I’m not crying! Ok, so I totally cried about three times during this movie which is just mind blowing because it’s a comic book movie and no one cries at those. This just goes to show that the writing for this movie was just top notch and really unforgettable. There were two parts of the movie that made the tears fall and then the credits because this really was the end. It was the last time you’ll see Hugh Jackman play Wolverine and it was the last time you’ll see Patrick Stewart play Professor X. Like I said it was really an end of an era that I will greatly miss.

The acting in this movie was better than any other X-Men / Wolverine movie out there. The characters, brought to life by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, were at their best in this movie because they were able to be real. The movie was rated R and because of that it felt like these characters were brought to their true potential as characters. Some of the other movies at times felt campy because they had to maintain that PG-13 rating, but like Deadpool, this movie showed that comic book movies can be rated R and people will still go see them. The supporting cast was also amazing, but the real focus was on Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

If you’re like me and basically spent your mid to late teenage years watching the original X-Men movies, then you’ll not want to miss this movie. It puts a definitive end to the previous movies. Even though there are more X-Men movies coming out, this movie basically says that this is it for the characters that you have grown to love. Sure there will be remakes upon remakes, but I’m not sure I’ll be watching them. I strongly recommend watching this movie unless of course you’re new to the whole X-Men movie thing and think they started with X-Men: First Class. Sure X-Men: First Class and the movies after are like the prequels, but that’s not the place to start. My final recommendation, if you haven’t watched these movies, is to start from the beginning and work your way to this one. Sure there will be some crap in the middle, but you won’t regret it.


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