GLOW: Season 1 Review


Not only do I game, watch a lot of movies, read a good book from time to time, but I also watch a hell of a lot of TV. While it’s really difficult for me to write a review on every single show that I watch, I really don’t have the time to be honest, I figured I could write a review on shows that I’ve binge watched since they’re fresh in my head. Let’s start with something that I binged watched in a day. Yes one whole day dedicated to one show and that show was GLOW.

Taking place in the 80’s, GLOW revolves around the creation of a new wrestling show. It’s not about the men this time and instead it’s about the ladies, to be specific it’s about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Anyway, in season one’s first ten episodes you’ll follow the main character Ruth, played by Alison Brie, who is an out of work actress because she basically can’t find what she’s looking for in Hollywood. This is a time when all the good parts are given to men and women are still the secretaries. Anyway, she’ll show up to an audition with a bunch of other misfits and social outcasts in order to form GLOW. What she doesn’t expect is that her former best friend, former because she did something that she shouldn’t have, Debbie, played by Betty Gilpin, will also be a part of this. Not only will Ruth struggle to prove herself, but she’ll also struggle to repair her relationship with Debbie. Throughout all of this, struggling B movie film director Sam Sylvia, played by Marc Maron, will try to reclaim his former glory as he tries to produce this new show.

The start to this show and the season starts off completely slow and really doesn’t pick up until the end. I think that if I didn’t binge watch it, then I would have probably given up on it around the 3rd or 4th episode. I at times found myself scrolling through my phone every now and again during an episode and realized that I didn’t miss anything at all when I looked up again. I like the plot of the show, I just think that it had way too much build up to the final pivotal ending which basically says now you have to watch next season. If the show didn’t end like that and picked up the pace a little bit more I would have watched the second season without feeling obligated to do so because now I have to see what happens.

While it’s obvious who the main characters are, this is still an ensemble show like Orange is the New Black. It doesn’t work without the other ladies and I would have like to see more of their stories instead of the show going back and forth between Ruth and Debbie. While some stuff was shown on the other women, it wasn’t enough to make them count. I wanted to see their back stories and I wanted to see why they had decided to come to the audition for GLOW. I didn’t get that and it was kind of a mistake because the show doesn’t work without them. I hope for season two, they get more into why the other ladies are there and show some backstory on them instead of hoping on the Ruth and Debbie going from friends to enemies to frenemies and then to friends again train.

I thought the overall acting for this show and this season was overall just eh. There was no one who really stood out and made me say “Ooo this is my new favorite character.” There was no one to relate to and really no one to root for. While this show has some familiar faces and voices, everyone is basically new and it kind of shows. While this isn’t a bad thing, not all shows have to have these huge stars in them, I just hope that they can improve in the upcoming seasons. Just because the show is kind of campy, doesn’t mean the acting has to be too.

Overall I give this season of GLOW a 3 out of 5.

This show definitely isn’t for everyone and will only attract a certain type of audience. If you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll probably want to take a look at this show especially if you watched the original GLOW, which was an actual thing that I totally used to watch when I was really really young. If you’re looking for an Orange is the New Black type of feel to this show since it’s been toted that it’s from the same creators then you’ll be sadly disappointed. I would say that if you’re willing to watch a show that has no real direction until just about the end and you don’t mind having to wait for another season to actually see the story advance then take a chance on this show. If you’re one of those people who get easily bored and don’t plan on binge watching, I would say to give this one a pass since at times it can be extremely slow and boring.


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