Bridget Jones’s Baby Review

Bridget Jones's Baby

I remember seeing the original Bridget Jones Diary when it was first released in 2001 and absolutely loving it. It wasn’t really a typical romcom and was something different. In 2004 I rushed to see Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and thought “Ugh, sequels.” While I wasn’t planning on watching Bridget Jones’s Baby, it was free on Netflix and I figured I might as well see how this trilogy wrapped itself up.

The idea of happily ever after apparently never comes for Bridget Jones, played by Renee Zellweger, as she is basically where she was at the start of this franchise. Alone. Her and the famous Mr. Darcy, played by Colin Firth, have broken up and she’s back to being single. Not letting that hold her down she’s decided to focus on her career and live her life as a spinster. Things don’t turn out that way as she meets Jack, played by Patrick Dempsey, rekindles and old flame, and ends up pregnant without knowing the father.

This movie was so long overdue and so far past its prime that it became irrelevant. When starting the movie, they expect you to actually remember where the last one left off, over 10 years ago, and remember every little thing about it. I’m lucky if I can remember a movie I watched over a month ago unless I thought it was an awesome movie. Anyway, moving onto the actual movie the premise of it is just…I don’t even know how to explain it. What am I supposed to feel about a character who sleeps around and then can’t figure out who the father of her baby is? Sure, it’s comical and hits some funny points every now and again, but I spent half the movie rolling my eyes. I think maybe if this movie was made about seven or eight years ago it might have been funny and relevant, but unfortunately the movie is a complete mistake.

Oh God There Might Be More! There was a big surprise during the movie as a character was written off. By the end fate of said character is revealed. Why oh why would they do this. Please just let this movie franchise die.

Onto the acting. Because there are no decent English actresses who could have played this part, we get Renee Zellweger trying desperately to pull off the accent and once again failing miserably. It was cute in the first movie, annoying in the second, and just tiring in the third. That being said I do enjoy Renee Zellweger’s work, but this just doesn’t seem like the part for her after three movies. She doesn’t own it and it shows. Moving on to the two leading men, Colin Firth, a good actor, basically plays the same old boring character that he’s played in movie after movie not to mention that Patrick Dempsey basically reprises his role as Derek Shepard because that’s all he can play now. This combination did not in any way make this movie more enjoyable.

Overall I give this movie a 2 out of 5.

Not the best movie by far in this franchise, if you’ve seen the first two you’ll probably want to wrap things up and see this one. Go in with low expectations so that you don’t get disappointed. If you’ve never seen these movies before then there’s no reason to even see this movie because you have to know certain facts about the first two movies to try and get some kind of understanding as to what’s going on.




  1. I remember watching the first Bridget Jones too and absolutely loving it. I even thought Renee Zellweger was English haha. It was so good, and I think it will always be a classic when it comes to rom-com staples that one needs to watch. I can’t see I hated Bridget Jones’ baby, and a part of me found it particularly refreshing to see a romantic comedy with men and women who aren’t in their twenties. All of them still look beyond amazing though. The story was not the best I’ve ever seen but I watched this with my boyfriend and we both enjoyed it. Great review by the way, I enjoyed reading it.

    Would you be interested in sharing your work on Movie Pilot? I’d like to invite you to join the platform, and I’d love to hear from you so I can to expand on that. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, my contact details are on my “About” page. Hopefully talk soon!

    • Thanks for reading!

      Bridget Jones’s Diary was a great movie and it’s definitely my favorite of the three. I’ll even still watch it when I catch it on TV from time to time. While I agree that it was refreshing to see a rom-com that didn’t have a bunch of people in their twenties, I still think that this movie was just too little too late. If it was made closer to the second movie I could see this as still being relevant.

      I’ll be checking out Movie Pilot and if I’m interested I’ll let you know. Thank you for the offer!

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