Gaming Goals for the New Year – July 2017 – UPDATE

I really don’t know why at the end of the month when I write these blogs that I’m always so shocked. I always find myself thinking, “wow is it the end of the month already?” Then I groan because it turns out that I’m a grown up and can’t spend my time playing video games all the time and that these goals that I set are never going to get accomplished no matter how hard I try. Anyway, that doesn’t stop me from trying so let’s take a look at my progress for the month.

Gaming Goals for 2017

Have a total of 100 platinum trophies.

– Starting # of Platinum Trophies: 77
– Ending # of Platinum Trophies: 79
Thanks to some cheap and easy sale game this month I was able to add the Puzzle Showdown 4K platinum to my collection as well as Lara Croft GO. Even though I’m one trophy away from 80, I’m not sure if I’m going to make the 100 this year. I might, you never know, but that’s looking like it’s not going to happen. As long as I hit 80 and go a little over…maybe even hit 90, I won’t be too upset about that.

Have a total of 8,500 trophies.

– Starting # of Trophies: 7,531
– Ending # of Trophies: 7,627
I still couldn’t even hit 100 trophies this past month. Yet another disappointment. Even though a lot of games were on sale and I got some quick and easy trophies it really didn’t help all that much. I’m less than 1,000 trophies away from my goal, but there would have to be some kind of gaming miracle at this point for me to get 1,000 trophies by the end of the year.

Have 150 games completed at 100%

– Starting # of Games 100% Complete: 117
– Ending # of Games 100% Complete: 120
This number jumped up by 3 this month, which wasn’t bad. Thanks again to those games that I bought on sale. It would have been one more to make 121, but Horizon Zero Dawn added some DLC with New Game + and a new Difficulty that I didn’t feel like jumping in and playing at so there went my 100% on that game. Anyway, another 30 games and I should hit my goal. I’m still pretty confident that I can do this.

Have an overall completion rating of 75%

– Starting Completion Rate: 53.70%
– Ending Completion Rate: 53.96%
Look at this number climb this past month! Look at it, look at it. I’m saying that because it’s going to plummet next month when I start just about 7 new games that I might or might not be able to finish. I can’t believe that there are 7 games coming out next month that I’ll be playing. Three of them are episode based, so they’ll get completed eventually, but the other 4 are non-episodic games and those are always fickle so we’ll see how low this number goes.

Complete 10 RANDOM games featured in my I Never Finished…Because…blog

– Starting Number of Games Played from I Never Finished…Because: 0
– Ending Number of Games Played from I Never Finished…Because: 0
This is still at zero because for some reason I can’t bring myself to turn on my PS3. I have no idea why, I even considered purchasing the year subscription to PS Now just to play some PS3 games that I actually still own. I couldn’t justify doing that either because even though $99 or the year is a good price, I already own these games and a PS3. I should just play them on there. Right? I don’t know anymore.

Play and complete 20 RANDOM games in my backlog.

– Starting Number of completed games in my backlog: 5
– Ending Number of completed games in my backlog: 5
While I did play games in my backlog this month, I didn’t finish any of them. I did finish new games though, which don’t count towards this goal. I’m in a no win situation here so I’ll continue to try and finish some backlogged games, but the rest of the year is super busy with new games that I’m not sure if I can do it.

Only pre-order 5 new games and save the rest for Black Friday and holiday sales. – FAILED!

– Starting Number of Pre-Orders: 4
– Ending Number of Pre-Orders: 6
So I completely failed this goal this year. Yes, I’m already up to 6 pre-orders since I pre-ordered Sonic Mania and I pre-ordered The Long Dark just last night in order to get it at a discount. By this point I’m kinda like screw it. I already blew this goal to hell so why not keep going. There are a bunch of games that I want to get and I might as well just get them.

That was it for the month. A decent month I want to say even though it really wasn’t. I mean I made progress on a lot of my goals, and even failed one, but knowing that I’ll probably not make the rest of them by the end of the year is kind of a downer. Anyway, I’ll always keep trying and I’ll let you know how things go next month.


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