I Never Finished…NFL Blitz…Because

NFL Blitz

There were two reasons why I played this game. The first one was because of course I got it for free thanks to PS+ and the second was because while I was a fan of NFL games on my PS2, I had never tried one on my PS3. I figured why not since it was free and I used to like NFL games. Of course though, I never finished it so keep reading to find out why.

Unlike a Madden game, this is completely different. Yes it still features your favorite NFL teams, this is an over dramatized version of the Madden games that I had known and loved on my PS2. Think of this game like the NBA Jam just with football. That’s the basic breakdown of the game.

Fun Fact Time! This game is actually part of a long standing series of arcade games and other releases with similar titles, but in 2005 the NFL didn’t want any part of this over dramatized and violent game so they took away all NFL rights to the game. The game then became Blitz: The League. The first Blitz: The League was released on the PS2 with Blitz: The League II releasing on the PS3. If you frequent this blog, you can read about why I never finished Blitz: The League II here. Anyway, moving onto 2012, the NFL decides they want the game back and take it. The changes that were made when the NFL took it back were that the fictional teams of Blitz: The League were gone and back were the NFL teams that everyone knew. Gone was all the other stuff that went along with Blitz: The League.

I’m not going to lie, I played this game for maybe, maybe, 10 minutes before shutting it off. I just didn’t like it. I didn’t like the arcade style and it really wasn’t what I was looking for. Seeing that this is basically the same game as Blitz: The League, I have no idea why I didn’t like this game. I was especially surprised because it is like NBA Jam which was my game way back on the Sega Genesis. This wasn’t really my style of a game anymore and I just never finished it or went back to it after my 10 minutes of playing.

Another Fun Fact! Remember how I said I used to play NBA Jam on my Sega Genesis, I was also in a local NBA Jam competition at my local Blockbuster when I was around…10? My dad would take me to Blockbuster every Sunday for a month, I would play my rounds and have my score added up. While I didn’t win the tournament, I did come in 5th place. Not that bad, right?

As you can see from the picture above, I didn’t get any trophies for this game. None at all. Why? Probably because I only played for 10 minutes, but they also range from having one common trophy, which I’m sure if I would have played more than 10 minutes I would have gotten to rare, to very rare, and then finally the majority of trophies are ultra rare. These are some difficult trophies and I think even if I did enjoy the game, I wouldn’t have gotten all of the trophies.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I’m never going to play this game again. Never. I mean even if it was the last game that I had to play, I still wouldn’t play this game. I have no interest in going back and even though I know that I should probably give this game a chance since I really didn’t I just don’t have the time or want to actually play. Even though it’s still on my PS3, it can just sit there so that it’ll be one of those games I look at occasionally and grumble about.

Now it’s your turn. Did you get this game because of PS+ or did you buy it? Maybe you loved it or hated it. How about my fun little fact? Did you already know about that? Let me know in the comments section and next week I’ll tell you why I never finished another game. This game though, I was supposed to play with a group of friends because it was free and why not since we were all going to get it. Turns out things didn’t work out that way and that’s why Payday: The Heist ended up on this list. Even though my friends didn’t play, I played, so I’ll let you know why I never finished it.


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