I Never Finished…Payday: The Heist…Because

Payday: The Heist

As I said last week, I was supposed to play this game with a group of friends, because this game was free and we were looking for something other than Mass Effect 3 that we could play. Why not play this one? Turns out I was the first and only one to play this game and thanks to that it ended up on my I never finished list. Keep reading to find out why.

Payday: The Heist, puts you in the role of a bank robber. Donned with a clown mask, I hate clowns, you’ll play as either Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, or Wolf as you attempt your first heist which is supposed to set you up for life. Even though it does, the game encourages you to continue robbing other places because once you start you really can’t stop. You’ll go on robbery after robbery taking hostages, pissing off the cops, killing hostages, getting your teammates killed, and various other things. Sound like a ton or fun doesn’t it?

Sadly it’s not a ton of fun and it’s the main reason why I never finished this game. It wasn’t because I didn’t have anyone to play with, believe me there have been many times when I had to play alone and it doesn’t bother me one bit, it’s because this game really just sucks. The graphics are horrible, the actions and commands are difficult to learn, and the AI is just plain crap. I couldn’t even get past the first level of this game and after trying a few times no longer had any desire to at all. It’s just a really bad game with bad game design.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 2 out of the original 35 trophies. There were another 6 trophies added through DLC and you can probably already tell that I didn’t bother with the DLC. I probably got the 2 easiest trophies in the game and sometimes there’s no shame in that since all of the other trophies are either rare, very rare, or ultra rare. This is one of those games that I hate having on my trophy profile more than the games with 0 trophies because I was kind of suckered into playing this game.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I can honestly say that I will never play this game again. Even if I had a co-op partner, even if I had a group of people that totally rocked at this game, and even if it was the last game on the face of the earth to play. It’s just a really bad game and I have no desire of ever playing it again. That being said, it still sits on my PS3, kind of as a reminder. I like to do that a lot if you haven’t already noticed, but anyway it’s one of those games I keep there and scowl at every time I pass it by on my list.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about this game? Are you in the same boat that I was in and get suckered into playing this piece of crap? Or did you love this game and tried to get other people to play with you? Let me know in the comments section and next week I’ll let you know why I never finished another game. This one wasn’t a freebie and it was actually a birthday gift. It’s nice when you’re unemployed and family members know that you love games and that you can’t afford them so they go out and buy you games. Anyway, this one I actually wanted because it was from a franchise that I loved. Next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Assassin’s Creed III.


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