I Never Finished…Resident Evil 5…Because

Resident Evil 5

Now while this was one of those free games that I was getting thanks to PS+, this was one I was going to skip on. I know it seems like I haven’t been skipping on many free games in these pass few blogs, but this one I was planning on skipping. The first reason was because I’m not a real big fan of the Resident Evil series and the second was because I’m really not a huge fan of horror games. Of course I got suckered into downloading this game and playing. Not only did I get suckered into playing, but I also never finished this game after playing it one time. Keep reading to see why I never finished this game.

Resident Evil 5 takes place in Africa where you’ll play as Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar, depending on how you’re playing, to investigate a bio terrorism threat. Upon arriving in Africa, you’ll discover that the people there are already infected and the previous team sent in has been eliminated. And that’s about as far as I got when it came to this game. The basic premise and nothing more, I have no idea where the story would have gone or where it even went, nor do I know that much about the series itself. I played maybe the first or second game on my PS2, but that was it. Not off to a great start especially with trying to start with the fifth game.

So I said this game had a story behind why I actually played and it was because when I played this game, five whole years ago (time really flies, I mean wow), it was on Thanksgiving and it was because my former friend was alone. It was her first Thanksgiving alone and she didn’t want to be alone, ditching most of the plans that I had already made, I stayed home and played video games with her all day so that she didn’t have to be alone. Anyway, this game was one of the games that she wanted to play since it was free. She wanted to play so we played. Until we got stuck in one area and she decided that we were going to give up. We would figure something out though and then head back into the game when we learned how to defeat the enemy we were stuck on. I don’t think we even talked about this game after that Thanksgiving day. I really have no idea what the hell the game was about or anything much about it, just the story that goes along with it. Pretty sad really. Anyway, ever since that one day I never picked up the game again.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 9 out of the base 51 trophies, 71 trophies in total with the added on DLC. Seeing from my timestamps that we only played this game for two whole hours, 9 trophies really isn’t that bad. One of the things that I remember is the very auditable sigh that I received when I announced that I got yet another trophy from my former friend. Anyway, I’m sure if I played longer, or perhaps by myself, I might have gotten more trophies.

Probability of this game getting played again…3 out of 5.

I ranked this game pretty high up there because I wouldn’t mind giving this game a second chance. This time alone though. I think that the reason I didn’t enjoy this game that much was because looking back now, it was hard to play with my former friend. Maybe that’s why we’re not friends anymore, to this day I really don’t even know why we aren’t friends. That’s another discussion though, but I wouldn’t mind one day going back and trying to see if this game holds any interest for me without being influenced by someone else.

Now it’s your turn? Are you as gullible as I am and get roped into playing games you don’t want to play like this one? Did you love this game? Hate it? Think it was the best in the franchise or the worst? Let me know in the comments section below and now for next week, a game that my former friend actually recommended. Here’s the thing with this game though, I actually really enjoyed it even though it’s kind of a horror game, but it has a great premise, a really cool tag line that goes with it, and it just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. Know which game I’m talking about? It’s Bioshock. I’ll let you know next week why I completed this game, but never went back and actually finished it.


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