I Never Finished…Sonic the Hedgehog…Because

Sonic The Hedgehog

Out of all the Sega games that were I owned, and I owned a lot, I always went back to Sonic the Hedgehog no matter what. It was like my game for the Sega even though I never beat it. I would spend hours upon hours playing this game as I sat in front of my super small TV just shut out from the world. This was where I was at peace, so when this game was free on the PS3 thanks to PS+, I knew that I had to grab it and immediately play it. Sadly, just like my regular Sega version of Sonic the Hedgehog it went unfinished.

Sonic the Hedgehog is about Sonic. Sonic is a blue hedgehog that is super fast and his main goal is to take down Dr. Eggman because he wants to rule the world. How is he going to take over and rule the world? By turning all these little animals into killing machines. It’s up to Sonic to not only stop Dr. Eggman, but to save the animals as well. Can the fast little hedgehog do it? I have no idea because I never finished the game, but I’m thinking that in the end he does.

Although I genuinely enjoyed this game because it was a piece of nostalgia for me and brought back some of my childhood, I just couldn’t play the way I used to. It probably had something to do with at the time I was desperately trying to get as many trophies as possible and I’m pretty sure this got in the way of me actually playing. I have to say that at this point is probably where I became that hardcore trophy hunter. If I couldn’t get the trophies that I wanted, I would move onto the next game and try to get those trophies. I had to keep my trophy count up. I just had to. Anyway, that’s what stopped me from playing the game because I gave up on trying to get the trophies and I gave up on the game.

As you can see from the picture above I did a decent job of getting 4 out of the 12 trophies this game has to offer. Not bad, but not good either. Like I said, decent. Anyway, I only have 8 trophies left that range from beating the game, beating the game without dying, beating the game in under 40 minutes, speed runs on certain levels, and completing levels. Not exactly the hardest trophies, but not the easiest either.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

Since I’ve been playing Sonic Mania on my PS4, I’ve been thinking about this game and thinking about going back and just playing. Not for the trophies or anything, but just playing for the sake of playing. This might happen sooner rather than later as it would be nice to just go back and see if I could take an afternoon and actually beat the game. If I get some trophies in the process that would be great. Here’s hoping that my ever growing backlog allows this sometime soon.

Now it’s your turn. Did you play this game originally on Sega and then pick it up on the PS3? Do you love Sonic? Hate Sonic? Let me know down in the comments section below and now for next week. Next week is one of those games that I picked up because it was free and figured what the hell, I might as well play it because it’s free. Bad choice because it’s on this list so there must be a reason why I never finished Retro City Rampage. I’ll let you know why next week.



  1. Those speedrun trophies are nasty but it’s not too bad. Exploit the save and reload option if you have to. It’s an easier completion than Sonic 2.

    • I think using the save and reload option would be a last resort…like if it was the last trophy that I needed for the 100% completion.

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