Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy: A Telltale Series – Episode 3 – More Than a Feeling Review (PS4)

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

After last episode’s cliffhanger of an ending, I was super happy that the third episode was released right around the time I was actually playing because I was able to jump into it and to see what was going to happen. There were a lot of questions unanswered and I wanted to see how the game was going to handle it. I didn’t think that I would actually be enjoying this series all that much, but it’s slowly growing on me. Anyway, onto the review.

Picking up right where episode 2 left off, Peter and Gamora have entered the temple that the Eternity Forge is pointing them to. Peter thinks, or you can make him think, that he’ll find his dead mother there and while he’s there you’ll get a sneak peek into one more memory of his mother. While Peter is going through his only little trippy event, so will Gamora as she remembers what happened between her and Nebula when they were tasked to kill Tar-Voll. You’ll see how Nebula betray’s Gamora, but it’s not what it seems. When both Peter and Gamora wakeup from their little trip, they finally find what the Eternity Forge has been leading them to. It’s not Peter’s mother, but instead it’s Mantis. Mantis has been the one who was sending Peter the vision apologizing for acting like his mother. She refers to Peter as the “Celestial-One” because he’s the one who’s supposed to hold onto the Forge which has the power to bring people back to life. It’s going to be up to Peter though if he wants to use the Eternity Forge, which will cost him another life, or if he’s going to destroy it.

Although this episode was a little on the short side, much shorter than the other episodes, it was probably the best one to date. Bringing Mantis aboard the ship will cause some problems as she can read people’s feelings and emotions and there are a lot of these among the Guardian’s. Peter has to clear all of this up before Mantis can lead them to yet another temple and then decide what to do with the Forge. The team is split when it comes what to do with the Forge and no matter what Peter does someone is going to be pissed at him. You’ll have to make the hard decision at the end leaving this episode in another cliffhanger.

I have to say that the playability of this game went a little downhill this episode as the loading times seemed to take a little bit longer than they have been and at times if felt like the game was going to stall. This isn’t good and hopefully the next two episodes don’t follow this same pattern. On that same note, Telltale nailed it with the QuickTime events during the action sequence as you get to utilize all of the Guardians during the big action sequence and it really pays off and proves to be an exciting part of the episode. Other than that this game was bug and glitch free.

The graphics for this episode are still a little cringe worthy for me and I’m really not digging them. I know I said this before and I’m positive they won’t be changing for the final two episodes, but it is kind of a hindrance on the game. It’s like something that’s always in the back of my mind no matter how hard I try to concentrate on the story of the episode.

As with the previous two episodes if you finish this episode you’ll be 6 trophies closer to getting the platinum for this game. As always, just play the episode how you want and the trophies will pop naturally letting you concentrate on the story itself instead of worrying about getting trophies.

Another multiplayer free game unless you choose to play with other people using the crowd play feature. Still have no idea how this works and if you use it feel free to drop me a line in the comments section and let me know what you think about it.

Overall I give this episode a 4 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Having to solve the emotional problems between the Guardians, it’s fun having to go back and forth as Peter to see how you can help each member of your team.
+ The action sequences and how they play out are really making each episode and are fun and exciting when they play out.

What’s Not So Great:
A short episode that felt a little bit rushed when there are still two more episodes. This episode could have been fleshed out just a bit more then it was.
Graphics are still a bit of a hindrance since they don’t match up with the game.

This episode ends on another cliffhanger which is a little frustrating because who knows when the fourth episode will be released. It could be next month, it could be in two months, you don’t know and that’s a little frustrating especially with a cliffhanger ending. I would say if you’re like me and cliffhanger endings frustrate you if you can’t play the next episode to hold off on getting this game since it seems like every ending is a cliffhanger and it’s reached that point where there are no more episodes. If you don’t mind cliffhanger endings and want to experience this game then go ahead and pick this one up as it seems to get more and more interesting with each episode.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the third episode.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series


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