MegaCon 2018 Hopes and Expectations

I have to say that after going to MegaCon for four years now that last year was the biggest one that I’ve ever been to. The attendance on Saturday alone was 400,000 people which is just an insane amount of people and it was really because they had an amazing line up this year. With MegaCon Tampa just wrapping up this past weekend, sadly I was unable to go because of work reasons and some other stuff, it has me looking forward to the future of MegaCon 2018 which is a definite for me. Anyway, I just thought it would be fun to list off a couple of people that I hope will be making an appearance at this years show.

I had no idea how to actually organize this list because when I think of MegaCon, a million people pop into my head and I want to see as many as possible, so I’m just going to run with my scattered brain thoughts and hopefully this doesn’t turn into a mess.

Game of Thrones – I want to see some sort of Game of Thrones presence at MegaCon. Lena Headey was supposed to do the show a few years back and cancelled last minute so it would be nice if they would be able to get her for the upcoming show. If not, I’m open to other big cast members who are either still alive on the show or have been killed off. I know that this year’s show had Elyes Gable who was on Game of Thrones for a really short amount of time, but I feel like that doesn’t really count.

X-Men Stars – So Famke Janseen was a huge surprise this year and it would be nice to start bringing some of the original cast of characters from the original X-Men movies along each year. It could kind of be like how they always have someone, anyone from Firefly at the show. This is what I’m hoping for this upcoming show.

Firefly – Since I just mentioned Firefly, I know that there will be some random cast member for Firefly, which would be great, but this year I’m really hoping for Nathan Fillion. I think he’s the only one that hasn’t made an appearance at MegaCon, but I would be excited to meet anyone from Firefly.

Lost Girl – I was a huge fan of this show and while it gets a lot of love in Canada and other conventions, it never gets any love at MegaCon and I would be thrilled if any of the cast members were to make an appearance at the upcoming show.

Once Upon a Time – With a lot of the original cast members moving on from the show, it would be nice to have some of them appear at MegaCon. MegaCon has never once had someone from this show and to get someone would be a definite highlight.

Gotham – How have we not gotten anyone from Gotham yet? We had some awesome cosplayers this past year, but seriously how have we not gotten an actual cast member? Anyone would do and hopefully for this upcoming show MegaCon could get someone, especially Robin Taylor who I adore as Penguin.

American Horror Story – I know there’s this big emphasis on The Walking Dead, but a lot of them cancel last minute and while it is nice to meet people from The Walking Dead, how about some American Horror Story people? I know it would be insanely hard to book Sarah Paulson or Evan Peters, but it would be nice.

The Walking Dead – So it isn’t MegaCon without someone from The Walking Dead, but this time let’s try to have people that are actually going to show up because they aren’t on the show anymore. As much as I would love to meet current cast members, I wouldn’t mind meeting cast members who have been killed off and can actually make the time to attend conventions.

Orange is the New Black – Once again this is one of those things where it’s hard to believe that we haven’t had someone from Orange is the New Black attend the show. At this point I would take anyone although I would kind of hope for Kate Mulgrew, I would be happy with anyone from this show.

Reunions – This years MegaCon was big on reunions with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Dukes of Hazzards. I kind of see a trend here and I’m all for it. As for reunion type people, I would love to see the cast of FarScape, Birds of Prey, and The Guild, even though we had Felica Day this year, at the upcoming show.

Voice Actors – There was a huge showing of voice actors this year and I absolutely loved it. This was seriously the best showing of voice actors that MegaCon ever had and I want to see this trend continue. As much as I enjoy meeting Jennifer Hale and would do so again if she just happened to be at the upcoming show, I would really like for them to branch out and bring aboard some other voice actors who are popular these days. A few that pop into mind for me are Laura Bailey, Courtney Taylor, Brandon Keener, Ashly Burch, Ashley Johnson, and Brian Bloom.

With this years show being Stan Lee’s last show, I really think that MegaCon has to bring it this time and I know that they can do so. My hopes for this upcoming show are high and it’s not even close to being time yet, but I’m super excited since they started announcing people at the end of October last year. Anyway, this is my wishlist for the event. If you’ll be attending next year’s MegaCon, drop me a line in the comments section below and let me know who you would want to see show up as a major announcement when the announcements start rolling out.


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