Why Him? Review

Why Him?

I had seen the previews for this movie over and over again during the holiday time in 2016, but as usual missed my opportunity to go and see this in the movie theater. Not for my lack of trying, but because for me, it seems like previews that are super funny on TV usually end up being not so funny movies when you actually sit down and watch the whole thing. When this movie premiered on HBO, I figured now was a good time to give it a try and see if I was missing anything.

Why Him? is about Stephanie, played by Zoey Deutch, who has just informed her family that she’s been seeing tech mogul Larid Mayhew, played by James Franco, and invites them to San Diego for the Christmas Holiday to spend time with her boyfriend and get to know him. This results in the whole family, Ned Fleming, played by Bryan Cranston, Barb Fleming, played by Megan Mullally, and Scotty Fleming, played by Griffin Gluck, to leave their Michigan home and head to San Diego for the holiday. They are in for the surprise of their life as Larid is just completely over the top. This leads to some funny antics, a few uncomfortable moments, and a somewhat heartwarming movie experience.

I’m just going to come out and say that I’m really not a fan of Christmas movies. It’s just not my thing and I can barely tolerate them during the holiday time. So why in the hell would I bother watching one before the holiday time? I really have no idea other than I thought this movie was going to be super funny. Unfortunately, this movie misses that super funny mark on many occasions. What starts off as funny with Larid’s over the top persona and the constant dropping of an f-bomb every other word soon gets stale and over played. The story itself is also a little cliched in the fact that the Ned hates Larid while everyone else in the family is coming to love him for who he is and the way he wins them over. This all builds up into an all out fight between Larid and Ned, but then results into a super happy ending. While this was great and I dig the super happy ending thing, I mean it was kind of a given because it is a Christmas movie, I just wasn’t feeling this movie half way through as it became boring and the antics between Larid and Ned became tiresome. The comedy aspect of this movie died out about halfway through the movie as it was just basically the same thing over and over again.

The cast for this movie is one of the highlights because James Franco does what he does best when it comes to this role. He’s a great character actor and he really shines in this movie as the over the top persona that he’s supposed to play. I have to give credit to Bryan Cranston as well as he played the perfect straight edge guy who disapproved of his daughters relationship with an older man. The rest of the cast also made the movie as the ensemble just worked.

Overall I give this movie a 3 out of 5.

While this wasn’t the greatest movie out there, it wasn’t the worst either. While it was funny in the beginning, it soon became way too over the top and just not funny anymore about halfway through. The ending pulled everything together though and was the real payoff for this movie. I would say that if you’re into Christmas movies, the funny ones, then give this one a try but don’t go in expecting too much. If you’re looking for a Christmas movie, but this one may just be over the top for you, I would recommend Surviving Christmas which is kind of similar to this movie, but much more funnier and actually one of my favorites. Don’t tell anyone though that I have an actual favorite Christmas movie that I kind of watch every year.


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