Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Why does Shoppe Keep keep crashing all of a sudden on the PS4?

Submitted by Anonymous Why does Shoppe Keep keep crashing all of a sudden on the PS4?

So a little back history on this game before I actually answer the question, Shoppe Keep was released for the PlayStation 4 on September 19, 2017 by Strange Fire Studios. This game basically lets you live out your Skyrim dream of running Belethors General Goods, where everything is for sale.

At first this game ran perfectly, like a game actually should, and there was nothing wrong with it. The only thing that was really wrong with it, if you wanted to be picky, was the screen size which could not be adjusted and half of it was cut off on the TV. So, when a couple weeks ago my PlayStation 4 notified me that it was downloading a patch for Shoppe Keep I was generally surprised. This game was running smoothly and had no major problems, so there didn’t really seem like a reason to patch the game unless of course they were going to fix the screen size problem. Anyway, when the patch was finally done downloading and installed there was no adjustment to the screen size and everything was basically the same except for the fact that the game constantly crashes now. Not only does the game constantly crash at random times but there is also a ton of lag while playing this game now. Instead of fixing the screen size this patch created problems for this game that had no problems at all.

So basically, the answer to your question is that this game is constantly crashing now because of the new patch. Hopefully Strange Fire Studios will see this and eventually put out another patch to fix this and fix the screen size. I have to say that ever since this patch I’ve been playing the game a lot less because I am tired of losing my data every time this game wants to crash which is randomly. I’m also tired of having to save so much that my saves start becoming corrupted and I have to create a new save every so often.

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