Gaming Goals for the New Year – October 2017 – UPDATE

This month was actually a pretty good month for me. As many of you know I started streaming on Twitch. [Insert plea to follow me on Twitch here]. This had kind of kept me on schedule with playing games, but not making it a job like type of thing which is good. What it’s doing is actually helping me accomplish a lot of my goals. Anyway, on with how my month played out.

Gaming Goals for 2017

Have a total of 100 platinum trophies.

– Starting # of Platinum Trophies: 80
– Ending # of Platinum Trophies: 81
I was able to get at least one platinum trophy this month even though I wanted to get more it just didn’t happen. The one thing I was really happy about though was that it was for a horror game, Until Dawn. This is good because as you know I’m not a fan of the whole horror game genre and this kind of broke me out of that phase. Anyway, maybe I can move onto games that are a little scarier and work my way up to The Evil Within. I’m still pretty happy with this number and I think by the end of the year I can at least hit 90.

Have a total of 8,500 trophies.

– Starting # of Trophies: 7,807
– Ending # of Trophies: 7,931
Finally! A month where I went way past that 100 mark and really had a strong month of trophies. This was great for me and gives me some kind of hope that maybe, just maybe before the end of the year I can reach that 8,500 mark. If I do or even get close, next year’s goal is going to be insane. I’m talking double digit insane.

Have 150 games completed at 100%

– Starting # of Games 100% Complete: 123
– Ending # of Games 100% Complete: 124
I’m telling you I had a really great month because even this number went up. I think if a lot of the episode based games that I’m playing finish up by the end of the year and I continue finishing games as fast as I possibly can, then 150 is not going to be a problem.

Have an overall completion rating of 75%

– Starting Completion Rate: 53.88%
– Ending Completion Rate: 54.41%
This number totally went up this month! Score one for me! I might even hit 55% before the year is out. I am trying as hard as possible to hit the 75% and this will be my goal until I actually accomplish it. I know it’s far fetched, but stranger things have happened.

Complete 10 RANDOM games featured in my I Never Finished…Because…blog

– Starting Number of Games Played from I Never Finished…Because: 0
– Ending Number of Games Played from I Never Finished…Because: 0
So, I started my PS3 with the intention of playing one of the games on my I Never Finished…Because list and actually finishing it, but Mass Effect 3 was sitting there and thinking about the multiplayer was oh so tempting because I’m so so close to gaining a huge jump in the leader board that I hooked that up and started playing again. Ugh! I’ll get to this goal some day.

Play and complete 20 RANDOM games in my backlog.

– Starting Number of completed games in my backlog: 6
– Ending Number of completed games in my backlog: 7
This number ticked up this month as I bought Until Dawn years ago and completed it. Unfortunately, I did not get that one for free. Anyway, if you’ve been watching my streams then you also know that I’ve been playing Wolfenstein: The New Order, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete it this month. Maybe next month and I’m OK with that.

Only pre-order 5 new games and save the rest for Black Friday and holiday sales. – FAILED!

– Starting Number of Pre-Orders: 9
– Ending Number of Pre-Orders: 9
No pre-orders this month as I reconsider pre-ordering Star Wars: Battlefront II and see if I should pre-order The Sims 4 or wait. Hard decisions. I’m not quite sure about any of it yet, because lately Best Buy has just sucked and has not delivered on their “you’ll have the game on release day” promise. This really pisses me off and makes me reconsider pre-ordering anything.

That was it for this month. Not bad considering that I have two more months to accomplish any of these goals. Maybe just one of them would be nice. If not, at least I made some progress, but I am seriously going to work my ass off to try and get at least one of these goals accomplished before the end of the year. I’ll let you know how everything turned out next month.


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