I Never Finished…Darksiders…Because


This was yet another one of those free PS+ games. I have to say that I really had no interest in playing this game at all, but this came out at a time where for about a week or so PSN had this weird blackout on certain consoles, and I was one of those consoles, and my friend at the time said that this game was so amazing that I just had to play it. Anyway, with nothing else to play (total lie, had a bunch of things to play), I decided to play this game. Now here it is on my I never finished list. Keep reading to find out why.

In this game you play as War. War is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse who has unfortunately brought the apocalypse to Earth a little sooner then he should have because the seventh seal hasn’t been broken and the other horsemen aren’t there with him. Someone has set War up and this will be his journey to not only find who set him up but also redeem himself.

To be honest, even though this game had an interesting plot I found it to be completely boring. I played the first couple of missions, maybe since there’s not much I could remember about the game, and then gave up. Not because the game was hard or anything but just because I really couldn’t get into it no matter how hard I tried. Sometimes there are games that no matter how good someone else might think they are, they just aren’t to you and aren’t your type of game. I mean this game had all the means to be my kind of game, but it just wasn’t which was why I never finished it.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get a totally sad 4 out of 43 trophies for this game. OUCH. Being a trophy hunter and not liking a game you’re playing sometimes is hard. Do you power through and get all of the trophies or do you just call it a day and say whatever? With this game I just called it a day as I got some trophies for completing missions and some random trophies as well.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

I’ve admitted to this in the past that sometimes I’ve been too quick to actually judge a game and have done so wrongfully. This might be one of those games and I could see myself playing this game one day far far far into the future where I didn’t have anything else to play.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game? Hate it? Actually finish the game and can tell me that it’s worth giving it another try sooner than I want to? Let me know down I the comments section below and for next week, another PS Vita game that I got for free. I also got it for free on the PS3, but decided to play it on the PS Vita first. Spoiler alert though, I also never finished it on the PS3. Anyway, next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Foosball 2012.


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