Zipper Review


With TV shows basically on break for the holiday season, there’s nothing I have to catch up on so it’s back to movie time. What to watch though was the problem because it feels like I haven’t turned on Netflix or checked out HBO in months. Anyway, it was time to go through my list and see what was gone, like I really know because there’s so many titles, and what was added back on. That’s how I came across this title. I had added it into my list a while back and it was removed. I remember this because I added it because Lena Headey was in it. Seeing it re-appear in my list made me say why not and watch. Keep reading to see if it was a worthy watch for my Saturday night movie.

Zipper is about Sam, played by Patrick Wilson, who basically has it all. He has an amazing job as a federal prosecutor with a great political future, a loving wife and mother to his child, Jennifer, played by Lena Headey, and a beautiful house to go along with it. There’s something basically missing in Sam’s life though since all he can do is jerk-off when he comes home from the office to some good old fashioned internet porn. The jerking-off to porn can only go so far though when he’s tempted at every corner by these beautiful women, so what’s a guy like that to do? Hire an escort service and basically put your job and political future in jeopardy as well as your marriage and maybe get an STD thrown in there for good measure.

When I read the small description Netflix gave for this movie, I thought maybe he had an affair at the office that turned bad especially since he had this flirtation with an intern, but this was not what I was expecting. It was a movie full of Sam just being with, because I don’t want to be crude in my review, escort after escort because it becomes an addiction. A really expensive addiction because apparently the going price for an escort is $1,000 an hour and up. For the first half of this movie his wife is basically clueless because she has her sights on this huge political future for her husband who she’s sacrificed so much for. The movie goes into how they both went to law school and she’s basically better than him but doesn’t have the political future that he would, which was a little insulting in a way because there are a lot of strong women in politics. Anyway, this isn’t the place for political debates, just a movie review. I found the movie to be over-gratuitous at times with the sex scenes and it made me debate turning the movie off more than once because I didn’t think they were tastefully done.

The cast for this movie was just OK. I hate saying that with a movie that has Lena Headey in it because I’m such a huge fan, but seriously this movie couldn’t be saved by the acting. The people playing the characters just didn’t fit the roles and it made the movie that much more worse as the movie just trudged along as it became a montage of random sex scenes.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

I was expecting a lot more for my first normal Saturday night movie and it just didn’t deliver. The movie was filled with an over the top amount of sex scenes, jerking-off scenes, and just bland characters. Could this movie turned out differently and actually been good? Yes, I think if they went the more Fatal Attraction way of movies then yes. This movie was just disturbing in a way and not a good watch. I really wouldn’t recommend it, but if you’re one of those people that have to see for yourself then feel free, but prepare to be disappointed.


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