Maleficent Review


I’ve been waiting to see this movie for a while now because all of the trailers looked really good, not to mention it had Angelina Jolie in it, and as you can probably already guess I’m a fan. Anyway, I never did get the chance and I finally did this past week when a co-worker rented it and then graciously let me borrow it. It was one of those nice rare moments when a co-worker is actually nice when I’m not being bossed around. Getting off the subject though, anyway I watched this movie immediately and here’s what I thought about it.

Maleficent, is about Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie. Everyone knows that Maleficent places a curse on Sleeping Beauty and that only true loves kiss can wake her up. What everyone doesn’t know is the reason why Maleficent does this and this is basically her story. She was just a simple fairy living in a forest kingdom when the forest is invaded by a nasty king. Lied to by the one man she thought was her true love, she loses her wings and turns from an innocent fairy to a powerful fairy who wants revenge on the man who wronged her. Little did she know that she would actually come to care about Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, played by Elle Fanning as she watches her grow up and wait for her curse to take place. Once it does take place and Aurora is sleeping, Maleficent will do all she can to stop it, but will it be too late?

I absolutely loved this movie and I love when the villains side of the story is told because people generally aren’t villains. There’s usually a reason why they’re the way they are and this told the story of why a young and innocent Maleficent became a bitter and evil Maleficent. She learns to love and trust again though and the story has a touching ending that I didn’t even see coming. It was also pretty action packed which was surprising and the CGI was done really well. There was also some light hearted comedy thrown in there every once in a while which was nice. Everything about the movie was enjoyable and it totally made up for the last movie that I watched which was Zipper. You can read my review of that horrible movie here.

While there’s more than just Angelina Jolie in this movie, she is Maleficent and the movie is about her. She does a superb job of playing the role and going from innocent to evil and then back to how she originally was before she became corrupt. Her acting really projects the different stages of Maleficent’s life and it makes the movie that much more better. The supporting cast also did a great job throughout this movie from Elle Fanning as Aurora to the three little hair-brained fairies that are supposed to be taking care of her.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

I loved this movie and I can’t believe I waited that long to actually see it. It’s definitely worth the watch if you haven’t already seen it as it gives you that different perspective to the tale of Sleeping Beauty that you don’t see in the cartoon. While the cartoon focuses on the evil fairy that did this horrible thing to Sleeping Beauty and now she has to wait for some man to save her, this movie focuses on why Maleficent became the evil fairy and how she even changes over time. It’s a great movie and it’s also kid friendly. I think that if I had any kids, I would want them to watch this rather than the cartoon version, but that’s just me.


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