Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 2 – Episode 4 – Below the Bedrock Review (PS4)

Minecraft: Story Mode - Season 2

I’ve had mixed feelings about this game from the start and it seems that I felt the same way with the first season. For some reason after the first episode it seems like this game has a lot of build up, but not a lot of promise to go with it. This is kind of a put off for me and it makes me wonder if I’ll be suckered in to buy another season after this season because there is no way that this is the final season. Anyway, on with the review for episode 4.

Picking up where episode 4 ended, Jessie and her friends have escaped the prison with Prisoner X and have now gone to a mysterious land. Turns out to be not so mysterious because Prisoner X built it with the Admin and their friend Fred. Since the Admin basically went crazy, everything has turned into chaos in this land. It’s the only way that Jessie and her friends can get back to Beacon town though because it holds a portal that will take them anywhere as long as they have a trinket from that world to bring them there. Makes sense right? Anyway, Jessie and her friends will get into their usual antics, Petra will have her normal problems that she’s been having this season, and there will be the return of one very strange character from the first season who might actually help Jessie. There is no cliffhanger this time as you get what you’re looking for with the next episode promising to finish up this seasons story. Until you hear that it couldn’t be done and there’s an additional 3 episodes of DLC being released.

For some reason it seems these episodes are becoming shorter and shorter. This one only came in at an hour and forty minutes. I know the quality over time thing, but it makes the episode feel a little rushed. Moving on from that though, the story for this episode was pretty decent and really has a good lead up to the final episode for this game. Unlike last episode which I thought was a little lackluster, this one is not only action packed, but emotionally packed as well. I’m really enjoying the whole Jessie and Petra dynamic. The group is basically broken up but Petra isn’t done adventuring. It’s what she loves and maybe she’s not the settling down type. Not only does Jessie have to go and save Beacon town, but she has to decide what she’s going to do with Petra. This isn’t the only hard decision you’ll have to make throughout this episode and I’m sure the last episode will be filled with even more harder decisions and maybe the reappearance of Stella.

Enough with the building! So I have to say that while I praised the building portions of the episode in the first episode and the second one, I’m done with it now. Not only does it feel like a hindrance on the episode, but it feels like it was thrown in there so that you can spend extra time on the episode if you’re one of those people that have to have things perfect or want to be extremely creative. There is no time limit for you to build so you could actually take hours upon hours to build something in these build segments. This episode has not only one but two of these segments and I’m completely over them.

The playability of this episode was fine. The loading times were good, the trophy pops were good, the only thing wrong was just the action sequences. Yes there aren’t a lot of them, but if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million other times. The mix up between Quicktime events and actual action sequences with stamina and all hearts just doesn’t work. In this episode the mixture actually takes away from a really big action sequence that could have been amazing, if I didn’t keep dying. It seems like you roll out of the way a couple of times and swing your sword and your stamina needs to be recharged. It just feels like it isn’t calibrated correctly and the action scenes make me cringe.

The graphics for this episode, were back to the original episodes and really fit more into the whole Minecraft world than last episodes graphics of the prison. Maybe because Jessie and her friends are in an actual world it makes a difference, but I’m just glad it’s back to the quality of the previous episodes and we can just forget about the lackluster graphics in episode 3.

Finish this episode and you’ll be 6 trophies closer to getting that platinum trophy. Oh those famous Telltale platinum trophies where all you have to do is play a game. There’s no going back to do something special. It’s a one and done type of thing unless you want to see how different options create a different story. Anyway, all you have to do is play the game to get the trophies.

Still no multiplayer when it comes to this game but the reminder in the beginning and end of the game that you could use crowd play. Is anyone out there using this feature? Please let me know in the comments section. I’m really interested in seeing if you’re enjoying the game more or not.

I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Although the story is about Jessie going back to save Beacon town, you get a little back story on the Admin, Prisoner X, and Fred who are the original creators.
+ There’s this one really sweet moment in this episode between Jessie and Petra and me made me go “awwa” so there are some bonus points thrown in there for that.
+ Loading times were good, trophy pops were also on point, and there were no bugs or glitches and in my book that makes a game great.
+ The graphics are much better this episode then they were for the last episode making it once again look like a Minecraft game.

What’s Not So Great:
– The mixture of Quicktime events and actual action gameplay is not working. It ruined a really great action scene for this episode because instead of being fluid and working like it should, it turned out to be frustrating.
Two build your own thingie events. Two! Enough with the building stuff. Yes Minecraft is about building stuff, but this game is not. It was nice in the first two episodes but has quickly become filler for less story content.
Is it me or do these episodes seem to be getting shorter and shorter?

I actually enjoyed this episode, especially the scenes between Jessie and Petra and am eager to see how this plays out for the final episode which releases next Tuesday (12/19/2017). I’m not sure it’s going to be enough to finish this seasons story though. If it isn’t then this is kind of a shitty path that they’re taking with this game by adding DLC and cutting out content that should already have been in the 5 episodes they release for each game. Anyway, I want to stay on the positive side and say that I hope next episode wraps everything up and maybe leaves the door open for another season.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the fourth episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2


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