This Week in Trophies 12-10-2017 – 12-16-2017

I have to say that trophy wise, this week just sucked. I’m playing bunch of games at the moment which isn’t a bad thing, but the trophies are just a little hard to come by at times especially because some of them require a grind, while other games are coming to an end and the trophies are scarce. Not to mention about mid week I came down with a bad case of tonsillitis, which is still pretty much kicking my ass since I’m only on my fourth day of antibiotics. Anyway, take a look below to see what I was actually able to get this week.

Doom – 13%

I’m having a really fun time playing this game even though it takes me forever to get through a zone. There’s a good reason for that. Sometimes I’m lost, sometimes I’m exploring, and a lot of the time I’m dying. I want to thank everyone who watches my streams of Doom and stick around as I die over and over again at the same place. I think this is part of playing a Bethesda game, just dying over and over again no matter what difficultly you play on.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – 10%

So I’m also dying a lot when it comes to this game as well, but I’m having an awesome time playing it. This is definitely one of my favorite games that I’ve played this year. The whole game is just action packed and filled with these amazing cut scenes that are this mixture of badass, sickening, and emotional. I don’t know how Bethesda does it with this game, but they do and they do it so well.

Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusWolfenstein II: The New ColossusWolfenstein II: The New ColossusWolfenstein II: The New Colossus

And that was it for this week. A sad 10 trophies. Hopefully next week will be better, but with the holidays coming up I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Anyway, for next week, once I’m better, I plan on streaming again so I’ll be playing Doom, Assassins Creed Origins, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. I’ll try to get in the final episodes of Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 and Life is Strange: Before the Storm as well since both of those anticipated final episodes come out next week. Some pretty hefty goals for next week, and I’ll let you know if I was able to accomplish them.


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