I Never Finished…Ecolibrium…Because


Wanting a little me time in the gaming world, everyone deserves that every once in a while especially when you play two games back to back that just aren’t for you, I figured I would head over to my little PS Vita and pick out a free game to play. Since I was the only one of my friends who had a PS Vita, it was nice to have some me time. Scrolling through the free games that the PS Vita had to offer, I chose Ecolibrium. If you’re reading about it here you know I never finished it and here’s why.

Ecolibrium is basically like The Sims, but instead of running a household of people and telling them when they should be using the bathroom you’re running your own ecosystem. You get to control water, minerals, vegetation, and meat in order to make your ecosystem work and become balanced. Sounds totally fun and worth hours of game time right? Think again.

This game was a total downer. It was just the worst game I’ve ever played on my PS Vita at this point. Yes, unfortunately it does get worse. Anyway, the game was confusing as hell and no matter how many times I tried, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Was I playing it right? Is this how it’s supposed to be done? I couldn’t answer these questions not to mention the graphics for this game just sucked, so I gave up on it.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 0 out of 12 trophies for this game. I’m thinking a lot of people had the same problem that I did when it came to this game because there are a lot of ultra-rare trophies for this game. I just couldn’t believe that I didn’t get a single trophy for this game. I didn’t give up too easily when it came to this game to. I played multiple times but could never really get past the first stage of the game. When it came to this game I didn’t do anything right.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I have no desire what so ever to play this game again. It’s just not worth it for me and I don’t feel like wasting the time or energy it would take to try and play this game. This is one of those games that will forever be on my trophy list as a stain since I didn’t get any trophies for it. Not the best PS Vita game out there, that’s for sure.

Now it’s your turn. Did you try this game and love it? Try it and hate it? Understand what the hell you were supposed to do I this game? Let me know down in the comments section below. For next week, a repeat of a cross-play game. So this game was already featured on this blog, but it was the PS Vita version, I told you one of these would be coming up right? Anyway, I was once again pulled away from my Vita from my friend because she wanted us to be able to play something together since she felt like I was ignoring her for my PS Vita. You can tell our friendship was in no way toxic. (Total sarcasm by the way in case you didn’t catch that.) Moving on though, next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Foosball 2012 for the PS3.


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