The Best of 2017

I did a hell of a lot of writing last year because I played a lot of games, watched a lot of movies, watched a lot of TV shows, and went on a really awesome vacation to MegaCon. I figured I might as well do a best of and let you know what I thought what was the best game, movie, TV show, and MegaCon event that really made my 2017. I’ll also give a nod to those things that weren’t all that great either. The only thing is that it doesn’t matter if the game, movie, or TV show came out in 2017, I just had to review it in 2017. So all of this will be based on everything that I wrote about this past year. Let’s get on with it then and see what made my best of list.

Best Game of 2017

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

I loved this game, you can read my full review of the game here, and I thought it was one of the best Uncharted games in the whole franchise. It was really the highlight of my year as I played this game over again, not to get the trophies, although I did get the platinum, but just because it was that damn good. After what I thought was a less than stellar Uncharted 4, I found this to be a refreshing addition to the franchise that I hope they continue with.

Best Game Runner Up

Wolfenstein: The New Order

I had a real debate when it came to naming my best game of 2017. This was one of my backlogged games that I played, you can read my full review here, and I just fell in love with it and with the franchise itself. I didn’t take the top spot on my best of list, but it was a really close runner up game. I enjoyed every single moment in it and just like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, I didn’t mind playing this one over and over again.

Worst Game of 2017

Goat Simulator

I got this game on sale and had to see what all the rage was about with this game because I heard so many things about it. Turns out this game was just horrible, you can read about experience with the game here, and I hated every second of it that I played basically. It was just a nightmare game and when I thought of the worst game that I played this year, believe me I played a couple, this one was the only one that needed to be mentioned.

Best Movie of 2017

Collateral Beauty

This movie got such bad reviews and I have no idea. It’s one of those movies that you only have to watch once, but it’s just such an amazing movie with an amazing cast that I had to pick it as the best. It’s completely underrated and I think a lot of the reviews for it were negative because maybe it was a little too sappy. All I know is that I loved this movie, it was sad and heart breaking, but there was also some hope thrown in there for good measure, if you haven’t seen this movie yet make sure to check out my review here and maybe give it a watch.

Best Movie Runner Up

Wonder Woman

This movie, which you can read my review of here, didn’t get a 5 out of 5 from me, but it was still an amazing movie and what will hopefully be an amazing franchise. I watched this one late in the year and just loved it to pieces. The only thing I didn’t like was the forced chemistry between the two main characters. Anyway, it was a wonderful movie, insert laugh here, that I could watch over and over again if I wanted to.

Best Movie Honorable Mention


I couldn’t leave this one off my list because it was the return to a franchise that I just loved. You can read my full review of it here. If you love Saw and want to forget about that last Saw movie that was absolute crap, this was a great movie that renewed the franchise or gave it the closure that it deserved.

Worst Movie of 2017


I’ve seen a lot of bad movies this year, but this one just takes the cake. You can read my full review of the movie here. The acting was bad, the story was bad, the whole movie was just bad. There’s nothing left to say except that this was the first movie that popped in my mind when I thought about the worst movie that I seen in 2017

Best TV show of 2017

Penny Dreadful Season 2

I have to admit that I wasn’t really into Penny Dreadful when I first started watching, but by season 2 I just couldn’t stop watching it. It really picked up this season, you can read my review here, and turned out to be a really amazing show. Unfortunately it came to a conclusion in Season 3, but it was really great while it lasted and out of all 3 seasons, season 2 was the best.

Worst TV Show of 2017

Friends from College Season 1

I hated this show. Just hated it, I don’t even think it deserves the second season that it’s getting especially when other shows were cancelled. There are a few funny moments in this show, you can read my full review here, but they’re really hit and miss. The cast works OK together and doesn’t have all that much chemistry and then there’s the fact that it’s about some really horrible people who do horrible things and they don’t even make them somewhat redeemable.

Best MegaCon 2017 Moment

Meeting Ali Hillis

This MegaCon was go big or go home and I went really big this past year. I met a lot of people, had a lot of photo-ops, went to a couple of panels, and had an overall really amazing weekend, but the highlight of the whole show was meeting Ali Hillis. You can read about my autograph session with her here. This “best of” took a lot of thinking but when it came down to it, I had to pick this one. Known for her role as Liara in Mass Effect, it was just one of those unforgettable moments being able to meet her because she’s really just an amazing person who spends a lot of time with each and every fan that goes to meet her. It didn’t matter how long or short her line was, it was really about the fans. I was able to show off my Liara tattoo to her, chat with her, and take some really cool selfies with her. It’s just one of those things that I can still talk about and make my gamer friends ohh and ahh over.

Best MegaCon 2017 Moment Runner Up

Jennifer Hale and Ali Hillis Panel

While I didn’t necessarily write a blog about the panel, I did film the whole thing and you can watch it here, this was something that I just had to mention because how many people have gotten the chance to see Commander Shepard and Liara do a panel together. Not only do a panel, but banter back and forth in character. I mean seriously, you can get much better than that. This was my favorite panel that I went to and what made it even more special was how it was extended so that they could answer every single question that was there. When you go to panels it usually just stops when it has to stop and then it’s too bad for the people waiting to ask a question. Not with this one and for that I give a big kudos to both ladies for doing that. This made for another really memorable moment.

And there you have it. My list for the Best of 2017. Last year was pretty great and I’m hoping that this year will be just as great. As always I look forward to bringing you move reviews on games, movies, and TV shows, and of course giving you a breakdown about my trip to MegaCon. Now I want to here from you, what was your favorite game of the year that you played? What movie did you just absolutely love in 2017? What TV show did you just have to binge watch? Let me know in the comments section below.



  1. I loved Wolfenstein 2 too and it was my runner up too. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is my GOTY :). I don’t watch much TV so I have no idea what those shows you mentioned are, but I’m glad you enjoyed them! The Punisher wins my TV show of the 2017 by default since I can’t think of anything else that released last year that I enjoyed.

    • Wolfenstein is just an overall really great franchise. I really enjoy the games and was happy to finally be able to play one last year.

      I’ve been meaning to watch The Punisher, just have to try and find some time.

      • I agree. Wolfenstein is fantastic and I can’t wait for the next game to drop.

        The Punisher is… a really mature show. I had to be careful not to watch it around my kids because of all the violence. I loved it though.

      • I’m still working on Wolfenstein II, so I’m eager to see how it ends and where the franchise can go from there, if it can actually go from there. I have to say that while it’s been fun playing BJ, I would really love to have a chance to play Anya who is a complete badass. That’s just me though.

        Most Netflix shows are really mature. Even the cartoons. When I get a chance to binge watch something it’s going to be The Punisher.

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