Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 11 – Another Day, Another Arm

It’s crazy to think that this is my 11th blog about getting video game based tattoo’s, but I’m kind of addicted to them at this point and I’m always looking for something new to represent the games that I have some sort of an attachment to. After my last tattoo, which you can read about no where because I didn’t write about it. I’ll give you a quick recap of my last session below. Before that though, I did blog about that tattoo and you can read about that one here. I had to miss my following appointment because of being sick. Pro tip people, never get tattooed while you’re sick. It’s not good. I did stop by though and give my tattoo artist some Christmas gifts, which is where this new direction came from.

So, before this current tattoo, I went to my tattoo artist in November and we basically argued about where we were going with my left arm. I wanted a Moxxi pin up picture, he wanted something else and didn’t like a Moxxi pin up picture because it would take away from Miranda. Anyway, we settled on Mordin and then that was what he tattooed on me. Below are some picture from that session.

Mordin Sketch TattooMordin Final No Color

After hearing that my tattoo artist, who is a casual gamer, has never played BioShock I was well shocked. I picked him up the BioShock collection for the PS4 and gave it to him as a Christmas gift. He was surprised that I actually remembered that he never played this game and thanked me. The only thing I asked of him though was for some original BioShock artwork to tattoo on me. Since all of my other tattoo’s have been from in game images, I gave him a lot of creative reign and when it was time for my next appointment he came in with this.

BioShock Sketch Tattoo

Obviously I couldn’t say no because it was stunning and he worked extremely hard on it, but there was no room for a tattoo of this size on my left arm so we decided to start on my right arm and basically go back and forth to complete two whole sleeves. There is a bunch of detail in this tattoo and the outline alone took 3 hours to complete with another hour for shading. There are so many things that I love about this tattoo. I love how the Big Daddy is standing in back of the little sister who is holding a little plush toy of a Big Daddy. I love the butterflies that are on the Little Sister and I love the fact that we were able to add “Would You Kindly?” into the tattoo. My tattoo artist has the whole color scheme already worked out for this tattoo and I’m super excited to see this one finished. The finishing touch will be on the very bottom of my wrist with a wrap around chain.

BioShock Final No Color Tattoo

My next appointment is next month and I’m super excited about it. I can’t wait until this is finished and if I haven’t told you how great my tattoo artist is before, I’m going to tell you again and urge you to follow him on Instagram. I’ll let you know how everything works out next month and show off the final product.



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