6 Souls Review

6 Souls

This is one of those movies on my Netflix list that has been there so long, that it’s come off, gone back on, come off again, and then has finally returned. Not being able to find anything to watch, which isn’t really true because there are a bunch of movies, documentary’s, and shows on my Netflix list that I could watch for a month straight and still not be finished, I decided on this movie. Without any rhyme or reason, it was just one of those movies I seen, shrugged and pressed play. Keep reading to see if it turned out to be worth the wait.

Originally known as Shelter, 6 Souls is about psychiatrist Cara Harding, played by Julianne Moore, who is extremely skeptical about certain disorders that can’t be fully proven, such as multiple personality disorder. She’s in for a surprise though when her father, also a psychiatrist, played by Jeffrey DeMunn, introduces her to one of his patients. When introduced to David, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, she doesn’t see anything wrong with him, until he gets a phone call. On the phone Cara’s father tells David to put Adam on. David is then transformed into Adam, but skeptic Cara still isn’t convinced that he has multiple personality disorder. Throughout the movie both her faith and her knowledge will be tested in this horror / thriller.

I feel like the little brief description about this movie was very misleading because I usually stay away from these faith based horror movies for my own personal reasons. Yes, I’ve watched The Conjuring and similar movies, but there are some that I want to say away from. I think it’s because as a child I watched part of The Exorcist and it totally freaked me out. Anyway, I was thinking about shutting this movie off, but got to a point where I wanted to see where it was going. I have to say that after watching it I found the movie to be extremely interesting. The movie is more than what it seems and it shows the darker side of both religion and this little town that the film is located within. There’s a deep story to this movie which kind of reminds me of The Conjuring, not the second one which wasn’t as good, but the first one which wasn’t there to scare you but instead intrigue you. This movie by no means was a horror movie even though it was pegged as such and was more than that. I would say that it was a psychological thriller because throughout the movie, until the very end and then after, it’ll still have you guessing. Does Adam really have multiple personality disorder and why does his alters take on people who are dead? All is revealed in the movie and it’ll end in such a twist that makes the whole movie worth it.

The cast for this movie really makes it work and makes it worth the watch. Julianne Moore is up there within my top ten favorite actresses, and this role, like every other role she’s taken on, she really owns it. That’s what I think is so great about her is that she really owns her role. She doesn’t play the same role over and over again. Each role that she plays is different and every time she owns it. Jonathan Rhys Meyers does an amazing job taking on all of these different personalities and playing them to absolute perfection. It almost rivals the amazing job that James McAvoy does in Split. The cast in this movie works really well together and just makes the movie as a whole work and pulls you in deeper to the actual plot of the movie.

Overall I give this movie a 4.5 out of 5.

A little misleading at first, it can be forgiven because this movie was really good. It’s not something I would watch again, it’s one of those one and done movies, but it is something that I would recommend if you’re looking a good psychological thriller movie. I would call this movie a mash up of The Conjuring and Split which takes the best parts out of both movies and basically turns it into one movie. It’s a good watch and if it’s on your Netflix list, my suggestion would be to watch it soon before it gets removed again.



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