I Never Finished…The Cave…Because

The Cave

This was one of those free PS+ games that I actually wanted to play and just didn’t play because it was free. The concept of the game looked interesting and I was pretty excited when it was announced that it would be free. Unfortunately, it ended up on this list so there has to be a reason why I didn’t finish this game.

The Cave is about…well a cave. Not just any cave though, a magical cave that lures people into it in order to see his or her dark side. You’ll pick three out of seven characters to begin with and you’ll start exploring the cave and what brought that character to the cave. Depending on how things go you’ll either see the bad in them or the good. There are so many different combinations of character to choose from and a bunch of different ways to play that you could spend hours upon hours playing this game.

I really enjoyed this game and had a really fun time with my first playthrough. I remember being so interested in this game that I actually played my first whole playthrough straight through without stopping. It’s a short enough game that you could do that, but that doesn’t mean it lacks substance. The Cave is a pretty deep game showing you that while people might be good, everyone has a dark side. I thought it was pretty fantastic, especially the concept and all of the different combinations you could choose from. If I thought this game was so great and fantastic why didn’t I explore all options for this game and finish it? I remember that after my first playthrough I wanted to wait a little before playing again, but just never got around to it. There were too many things going on and too many games that I was playing and this one just got shelved.

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to get 9 out of the 20 trophies for this game. It’s a lot of trophies for a little game and it takes 5 whole playthroughs to get them. That’s if you play it a certain way. If you just go and wing it like I did then it’ll take a lot more. Anyway, I’m missing a bunch of random trophies since all this game really is, is a bunch of random trophies. They’re not hard to get, they just just require time. A lot of time.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

I would really like to play this game again, and pick different characters to see his or her story, if I can remember what characters I first played as, and actually one day finish this game. As I said before though, it requires time and I’m kind of short on time these days. There’s always so much going on it’s hard enough to get as much time as I already get to game. Anyway, if for some reason I have some extra time, I would play this game.

Now it’s your turn. Is this game also on your unfinished list? Did you love it? Hate it? Let me know down in the comments section below and next week a game that shouldn’t even be on my list because I had no interest in playing it anyway. It’s only on my list because my “friend” played it and she said how easy it was and how she was getting trophies left and right but she didn’t think I was coordinated enough to get it. This made me pissed off because to this day I am in the top 1% of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer leaderboard for both the world and the US and I have been since the game was released. Anyway, I’m not here to brag about that but I am going to tell you why I never finished Joe Danger 2: The Movie.



  1. Very good game. I just returned to it after about 3 years on xbox and I’m looking forward to trying with new characters next playthrough. What the Twins do is brutal but on xbox there are 30 achievements. I’m gonna have to compare. Perhaps there are extra characters.

    • That’s awesome! I rarely get the chance to re-vist a game after I stop playing it for whatever reason. The Twins were my favorite characters in the game. Good luck with the 30 achievements.

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