This Week in Trophies 02-11-2018 – 02-17-2018

This was a really tough week to get trophies. Not from lack of trying but because of a lot of different reasons. The first of course was work. Work was particularly stressful this week as I tried to get as much done like I normally do, but with the added stress of having my dad go for a hip replacement surgery just kind of threw everything over the edge. I was able to sneak in a tattoo session there along the way which I’ll tell you about later on, but needless to say this week and the upcoming weeks will not be good ones for gaming. Here’s a breakdown of what I was able to get in trophies this past week

BioShock – 10%

I re-purchased this game for the PS4 with the sole intention of streaming it. When I had a poll going on Twitter, this was the game people wanted me to stream. Turns out you can’t stream it because it’s blocked. Oh joy of joys. Anyway, I am filming it I just have to try and get some time to edit it and post it to YouTube. I played one day this week and was able to get a few trophies and was happy to return to Rapture.


Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – 82%

I was able to get two more trophies for this game this week meaning that I only need one more trophy to actually get the platinum for this game. I’m up to 185 out of 500 bounties that I need for the trophies. Needless to say this is going to take a while especially with my limited time.

Diablo III: Reaper of SoulsDiablo III: Reaper of Souls

And that was it for this week, a total of 11 trophies. My dad did make it out of his hip replacement surgery with flying colors which is why I’ll probably be taking a little break from gaming. Not too much, but I have been asked to care for him on the days that I’m not working, and that’s what you do for family. I’ll try to sneak some games in while I can but it’s not going to be anything big and I think that streaming is off the table for a little while as well. If for some reason I get any trophies in this upcoming week, I’ll let you know about them.


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