Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 12 – Mr. Bubbles!

This past tattoo appointment was one that was especially needed. Not because I really wanted to get my BioShock tattoo colored in, which I did, but more because I’ve been super stressed out and these tattoo sessions are like my therapy / stress relieving sessions. Since last session we had done an original outline for a new BioShock tattoo on my right arm, you can read about it here, it was time for some color.

While my tattoo artist and I debated on the color of the Big Daddy’s eyes, should they be glowing yellow, should they be a lighter blue, or should they be red. We debated back and forth as my artist started to color in the Big Daddy. We decided to leave the eyes for last as we went back and forth. Then when we still couldn’t agree on the eyes we added a little background. The thing was that I wanted the glowing yellow eyes and my tattoo artist thought the blue would look better. After working on some of the background we came to the mutual decision that the eyes would look better yellow.

BioShock Tattoo

As you can see from the picture above, we still aren’t done. The coloring in of the Big Daddy along with the outline around him and some of the outline around the Little Sister took a whopping 6 hours. I’m pretty sure that was the longest that I sat for a tattoo and there was no way that the Little Sister was getting done this session.

My next session is going to be next month and we’ll finish up the Little Sister along with some other minor details before moving on to the reverse side of that arm and creating the city of Rapture behind them. I’ve already discussed where this new sleeve is going because I like to make mashups with things that connect two games. The whole space thing connected my Bordrlands / Mass Effect sleeve and for this sleeve the only thing I could think about that connected both this game and another was a Lighthouse. So there will be the eventual adding of a Lighthouse, but what game do you think it’s going to be for? Feel free to comment and leave your guesses down in the comment section below and I’ll let you know next month how my next session went.


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