I Never Finished…BioShock: Infinite…Because

BioShock Infinite

This is one of those games that I was really excited to play. I had just finished BioShock a few months before and started playing BioShock 2, even though on my first playthrogh of BioShock 2, other things came up and I wasn’t able to complete it before this game came out, I was still really excited for the game. This was a day one pre-order for me and it just pained me that I couldn’t play it until the weekend because of various different school projects I had to work on. Damn you Photoshop class. When I did get to playing it though, it unfortunately ended up here in this blog so you know I never finished it.

Taking a break from Rapture, BioShock: Infinite takes you from the underwater location to a place in the sky called Columbia. You’ll play this time as Booker DeWitt. Booker is a disgraced detective with scars from his past. He’ll be sent to Columbia in order to find Elizabeth. Since this is BioShock, there is much more going on than meets the eye in this city in the sky. You’ll get involved with the two waring factions in the city as the elite founders try to keep Columbia the way it is and the Vox Populi, the underground rebels, try to break free from being the underclass. During this time you’ll find out that Elizabeth has the ability to create tears in time. This will soon ravage the city of Columbia and everything around it.

This was finally a PS3 game that I could play in peace because basically everyone on my friends list was playing this game and so into it that no one wanted to talk to each other. It was nice that I was finally able to play a game and actually enjoy it. I have to say that out of all the BioShock’s, this is seriously in a tie with the first game because it’s just amazing. I loved every single minute of playing this game and thought it was one of the best games that I had played in a while. Everything from the story, especially that ending, the action sequences, and the graphics just blew me away. If I loved this game so much why not finish it? That was the plan, to go back and complete every little thing that needed to be done and unlock 1999 mode but it just never happened. Too many things got in the way and too much friend drama so I just said the hell with it hoping that I would eventually get the chance to do it and never did.

There are a total of 81 trophies for this game, that includes the DLC meaning there are only 51 for the main game. Out of those 51 trophies I was able to get an impressive 35 on my first try. All I’m currently missing are a few random collectible trophies, some specific types of trophies, along with playing on the harder difficulties. Not a lot of trophies and this is definitely one of those do-able trophy lists. Not to mention that I actually have the DLC and just never got around to playing it.

Probability of this game getting played again…4 out of 5.

Even though I rank this pretty high on my getting played again list, I know it’s probably not going to happen for various different reasons. I would really love to get back into the PS3 version of this game before eventually playing the PS4 version, but it’s probably more likely that I’ll play the PS4 version instead.

BioShock Infinite

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game as much as I did or did you hate it? Did you understand the ending or need someone to explain it to you? No shame here if you didn’t understand it at first because it was a real head scratcher. Now for next week, a game that I enjoyed the 15 minute demo that I played and was like “hell yeah I’m going to get this game!” before realizing that I had no idea how to play it and would never really get the hang of it. Anyway, next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Terraria.



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