I Never Finished…Terraria…Because


I’m not usually the one to play Demo’s before purchasing a game. I used to do that when I was younger and bought PlayStation magazine. Everyone bought PlayStation Magazine because it came with demo discs including me. Anyway, since the end of PlayStation Magazine I hadn’t played a demo in forever, but for some reason decided to download and play the Terraria demo. After 15 minutes of playtime I was like that’s it? I need to have this game. Apparently I didn’t need to have it that bad if it ended up on this list.

Think of Terraria as the Minecraft of PlayStation before Minecraft actually came to the PlayStation. In this 2D side scrolling world, you’ll build stuff, awkwardly, fight enemies, and do basically whatever you want in order to reach an end goal. I don’t exactly know what the end goal is, but I’m assuming there is one. Even Minecraft has an end goal. Right?

After my 15 minutes with this game were up, I immediately downloaded it and started playing only to realize I had no idea what the hell was going on and I didn’t know what I was doing. Figuring that it was me I gave the game another chance and started fresh. This basically happened about 10 more times of starting to play, not really getting it, and then starting over, before I called it quits and put this game down never to pick it up again. This is just one of those games that I simply don’t get. What am I supposed to do? Where are my quests? Am I just supposed to keep digging and building? I need a game that has some kind of purpose.

As you can see from my pathetic trophy snapshot above, I was only able to get 5 of the 39 trophies that this game has. I want to say that sadly, I got most of these trophies while I played the 15 minute demo. They’re for random things and there are still a bunch of random things to do within this game. Most of this trophy list is basically random making sure that you do everything the game has to offer.

Probability of this game getting played again…3 out of 5.

I know you’re probably thinking why is the probability of her playing this game again so high if she doesn’t get the hang of it? Mostly because I have it hooked up to my PS Vita and when there’s a hurricane it’s my only way to game so I usually end up playing this game. I usually repeat the same cycle over and over again, but hey it keeps me occupied. Will I ever beat this game and get the platinum trophy? I highly doubt it.

Now it’s your turn. Love this game? Hate this game? Like it better than Minecraft? Let me know down in the comments section below and for next week, a free PS+ game that I thought looked really simple. Key word is that I thought it looked simple. Turned out it wasn’t and I quickly ended up giving up and it ended up on this list. Next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Labyrinth Legends.



  1. I know what you mean. I picked it up on Xbox and had no idea what I was doing and only got 2 achieves. I’ll prob never go back to it on my xbox.

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