My Cousin Rachel Review

My Cousin Rachel

I have no idea why I wanted to watch this movie for my Saturday night movie. Maybe it was because I seen it as a preview last week after watching Alien Covenant and thought why not. Other than that this movie was completely off my radar and I didn’t even know it existed until last week. While sometimes that can be a good thing, it can also be a bad thing. Keep reading to see which of the two it was.

My Cousin Rachel is about Philip, played by Sam Clafine, who learns that his cousin Ambrose has died mysteriously after traveling to Florence and marrying Rachel, played by Rachel Weisz. When Rachel mysteriously disappears Philip vows to take revenge on her as he blames her for the death of Ambrose even though for coroner said that he died of a brain tumor. How they diagnosed that type of thing in the 19th century is beyond me but hey it’s a movie. Anyway, after meeting Rachel, Philip becomes obsessed with her. Is there some sort of witch craft at play, is there just something about Rachel, or maybe Rachel isn’t what he had originally thought that she was. All this will sort of be figured out, but not really in this overly boring murder mystery drama.

I spent a lot of time watching this movie and looking down at my phone. I hate that I’ve become one of these people that when they’re bored they look down at their phone and think of other things to do. When have I become this person that can’t watch a movie no matter how boring it is and just watch it? Anyway, this movie was super boring. The story could have been enough to support the whole murder mystery thing, but it just didn’t for whatever reason. Not only that but the movie was a short one that was slow and ended things rather quickly giving a brief epilogue of events afterwards. Did Rachel really kill her husband? Was she some sort of witch who brewed magic tea to make men fall in love with her? Was she some sort of Black Widow? No one knows and don’t expect to find out by the end of the movie either.

The cast was one of many no names expect for Rachel Weisz who is a better actress than this movie deserved. This movie was definitely not for her and she either played the part of Rachel really well or was just bored with the role itself. Anyway, the casting didn’t work making this movie as a whole not really work. Throw in a bad cast, a bad plot, and a slow presentation to give yourself a really horrible movie.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

Not as bad as some movies that I’ve seen, this movie will definitely bore you to death. By the end you really don’t care how Ambrose died or why Philip is so obsessed with Rachel and you just want the movie to be over. This movie had a lot of potential to be a great murder mystery, but failed miserably. Out of all the books that can be turned into movies I can’t believe this is one of them and I could never see myself reading this book or ever watching this movie again. I would give my strong recommendation to skip this movie and turn to something better, but if you want to be bored and lulled to sleep or just have some background noise while you play with your phone then this should be the movie for you.


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