I Never Finished…Dead Island…Because (PS3)

Dead Island

While this game was on my radar and I had seen the promos for it, I just knew that it wasn’t going to be a game for me so I never went out and bought it. That was until my “friend” said how it would be a great game for us to play together and we could play the whole game from start to finish together and blah blah blah. Anyway, like the sucker that I am, I went out and bought the game. It’s on this list though so I never finished it. Keep reading to find out why.

Dead Island is about a zombie outbreak at a tropical resort. You can play as one of four characters who are immune to the zombie bite. You’ll make your way through the island doing various different tasks for different people as you try to escape. While you do this there are zombies popping out everywhere and you’ll have to take care of them by any means necessary. At first that means you’ll be using basic weapons like a stick to bash their brains in and later on it means using these really cool weapons that you can craft to really mess those zombies up.

So like most games my “friend” talked me into playing, I started this game with her but finished the story of the game alone. What was the reason for that again…oh that’s right, I just seemed like I didn’t have the time to play so she went ahead and just completed the game since I was so busy. Whatever. After playing until about mid game with her I was kind of tired of it anyway since we have two different playing styles. Even though I finished the story of the game, it just never felt like one of those games to go back to so I didn’t. Funny because years later I bought it for the PS4 and did exactly the same thing, I’ll have to tell you why one of these days. I enjoyed the game enough to say that I’ll go ahead and play again in order to get the platinum trophy, but it never happens. It just feels like when the game is done, it’s done. There are no choices to make that will make the game different so it’s just the same thing over and over again with different characters.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 30 trophies out of the 49 base trophies, 59 trophies all together if you could the DLC. Not bad for one whole playthrough of the game. I’m missing a bunch of random things though and I don’t own the DLC so I’ll never get 100%, but if I wanted to get the platinum for this game I still could. The trophies I’m missing are pretty basic and just require me to play the game, or at least the first act, three more times, do some random things and play online. None of those should be a problem and when I felt like playing this game, which I did last year, I should have just hooked up the PS3 version instead of starting on the PS4.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

Dead Island

This game isn’t really high on my list of priorities at the moment. I’m trying to finish a bunch of games and as much as I like beating zombies with a stick, I would rather be playing something else. One day, probably when they announce that the servers will be closing for this game, I’ll rush to try and get the online trophies and then actually play this game again.

Now it’s your turn. Love this game? Hate it? Wish you never played it in the first place? Looking for a co-op partner? Let me know down in the comments section below. I’m always willing to play a game that I have zero interest in revisiting if someone else is going to be playing. Anyway, for next week it was time for some more alone time which meant that I switched over to my PS Vita. Now I was never one of those COD people, but this game came with my PS Vita so after putting it off, I figured why the hell not. Even though this game made me a kind of COD fan, I also never finished it. I’ll let you know why I never finished Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.



  1. I actually really like Dead Island, it’s a game that not a lot of people seem to get on with though. For some reason I just got really addicted to it. I liked the tropical island environment, it’s really fun when you get the car and can drive around, and the weapon crafting was super cool. It was the first sort of scary zombie game I ever finished and played religiously, I felt like it wasn’t too difficult or too scary but at the same time enough to pose a challenge and keep me on my toes. Dead Island Riptide is pretty good too, although the final boss is insane. If you do give it another go just try it when you want some mindless fun!

    • It’s not a bad game, the story is a little iffy, but I do agree that it’s great for some mindless fun. If you stick around and keep reading I’ll be posting in a couple of weeks why I never finished Dead Island Riptide.

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