Love, Simon Review

Love, Simon

It takes a lot these days to actually get me to a movie that’s playing in the theater, the last movie I seen in the movie theater was Jigsaw and that was a while ago. Going to the movies these days means having to travel about two towns away or suck it up and go to the local AMC. I sucked it up this time and went to the local AMC, got the broken chair again, probably paid way too much money for a bottle of water, and went to go see Love, Simon. Keep reading to see if this movie was worth it though.

Love, Simon is about Simon, played by Nick Robinson. Simon is a normal 17 year old boy. He has his normal group of friends at high school that includes his best friend Leah, played by Katherine Langford, a supportive mom and dad, played by Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel, as well as a little sister who he loves, but doesn’t tell her that, played by Talitha Bateman. He has the perfect life, expect he’s keeping this huge secret from everyone. His secret is that he’s gay and he doesn’t know how to tell the people around him. He’s going to wait for college where he can just be who he is inside, that is until there is an anonymous post on his high school’s blog from another boy named Blue. Blue is also gay but just can’t find it in him to come out. Simon contacts Blue and their love story begins.

So I absolutely loved this movie. It was a breath of fresh air in an overall stale theater environment that includes super hero movies, sequels, reboots, and so on. While all of those movies are just fine, it’s nice to see a movie that’s different and this one is. In this day and age you would think that coming out isn’t a thing anymore, but it is and this movie shows the struggle of two boys who find each other but are afraid. Afraid of what people would say, afraid of how their parents will react, and afraid that their world will be turned upside down. So instead of being who they are, they hide. They put on a mask, until it’s forced off. This movie was one that had it all though, it had those touching moments, those funny moments, and those I’m going to cry for the next five minutes moments. Simon is highly relatable for those who are closeted and think that coming out is going to be the worst thing ever, kudos to this movie for pointing out the fact that straight people don’t have to come out and they can just be who they are. Coming out, especially at that age, hell at any age, is scary, you create these scenarios in your head about how your parents will hate you and think they did something wrong, how you’ll be bullied, and how the people who know you will feel like they don’t know you anymore. This movie takes Simon’s worst fears and shows that it’s ok to be who he is. If anything, I hope that this movie helps teenagers who are closeted and think the worst will happen from coming out, I know that if I had seen this movie when I was that closeted teenage girl who just wanted to fit in, it might have made things a little easier for me.

The cast for this movie works perfectly together. A huge kudos to Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel who play the ultra-liberal mom and the old school jock dad. They play their parts to perfection and show what parents of LGBT teenagers should be like. Supportive. The main credit goes to Nick Robinson though who plays Simon because he plays such an amazing role. While he’s trying to act “normal” he’s struggling inside. He wants to be who he truly is and you can see this struggle on screen. You can see how he lights up everything he hears from Blue and how scared he is when he’s blackmailed into being outed. His acting makes the movie because you feel for him and the struggles that his character is going through.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

I didn’t just see this movie because I’m a part of the LGBT community and you don’t have to be part of the LGBT community to see this movie. It made me smile when I was leaving to see two old ladies walk into the movie theater to see this movie. I would say that this movie is for everyone because it shows the struggles of this teenage boy who doesn’t have what’s considered a normal teenage struggle. It also has a cute little love story with it too to just make this movie more heartwarming. I really recommend seeing this movie and feel like if you don’t or skip it because you’re gong to peg it as, “just another gay movie,” then you’re the one that’s missing out.



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