Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 5 – Same Stitch Review (PS4)

Batman: The Enemy Within

This is it, the final episode of this season’s Batman. After episode 4, which was completely disappointing, you can read my review of that episode here, I was a little hesitant with this episode. There was a lot of build up to it and a lot of hype surrounding the two endings. After playing this game in one sitting and getting all of the trophies, including the platinum, you know what time it is. It’s time for a review.

Episode 5 takes place right after episode 4. John Doe AKA Joker is either a villain or a vigilante. Unfortunately, in my game he became the villain. Even though it would have been nice to see the other side, I felt like this is where he needed to be because really is there a Batman without the Joker? Anyway, most of the episode will be spent playing as both Batman and Bruce and you’ll have to come face to face with decisions that you’ve made throughout the season. How did you treat Gordon? Do you trust Catwoman? All of these decisions that you’ve made will have a huge impact as you try to save the city from Joker and Harley Quinn as they release a virus that basically kills people instantly. Will you be able to do it as Batman? Can you overcome the obstacles that the Joker has put in your way and how will your story for this season end? All of that is wrapped up pretty nicely, along with a few shocking moments, and the game is left open for another season.

I’m on the fence about this episode because I really feel like the story of the Joker becoming the Joker should have been a season itself not two episodes. Don’t get me wrong, the episode was probably one of the best of the season and I liked how everything I did basically came back to bite me in the ass, but again the story with the Joker just seemed small in this Batman universe. The story of Batman and the Joker should be a huge one and this made it feel like a side story at best. I hope that if they continue with this franchise, which I think they will given the way the game ended, that they pay more attention to the whole Batman and Joker story and give it a season by itself instead of just a couple of episodes. I felt like this was a really solid episode though and made the game. It concluded the main story of this season along with wrapping up any loose ends. There were a lot of different variations that could have been chosen so it’ll be interesting to see how the decisions made are going to branch off in other seasons.

The gameplay for this episode was a little iffy at best. There was a little lag within the game, which is unusual for Telltale because if anything lags it’s usually the loading times. There was a lot of lag though throughout the game and this worried me because I thought the game would stall and shut off on a bunch of different occasions. This wasn’t good and hopefully this gets patched and doesn’t even show up in other games or another season of this game. Other than that, everything worked. As always, I enjoyed the Quicktime events which were flawless and just make playing Batman even more fun. I have to say the fight with the Joker and Harley Quinn was epic and probably one of my favorite parts of the episode.

The graphics were the same as they have been throughout this season and this is a good thing because the graphics are amazing. I really enjoy the graphics as they look like they came out of a comic book. This is of course the way that they want to represent the game and I think it’s really amazing that they can do this. Kudos to Telltale for the graphics for this episode as well as the whole season.

There are a total of 7 trophies for this episode. 6 for the episode itself and the 7th one is the platinum trophy if you’ve played the whole season and got all of the other trophies. This isn’t a hard thing to do as all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the story. These are kind of cheap trophies, but I do like that they make you concentrate on the story that’s being told and not doing something specific.

As always, no multiplayer and the gentle reminder of the crowd play feature. Guess what I still haven’t done? I haven’t hooked up the crowd play feature yet. If anyone has and if you use it, let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.

Overall I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ A good finish to a season that had it’s ups and downs. It also leaves the series open to another season or for it to just end.
+ Your decisions really do mater and they will probably come right back and bite you in the ass.
+ Some shocking twists and turns and a major decision at the end that was pretty impressive.
+ Stellar graphics that have bene that way throughout the whole season.

What’s Not So Great:
The whole episode was laggy and at various different occasions it felt like it would stall and crash.
The Batman and Joker thing could have used more than just two episodes to develop and come to a conclusion.

I was really conflicted when giving this episode a rating because it was a good episode even if I don’t agree with the way Telltale is handling the Batman and Joker story. It was a really great episode though and did a fine job of ending the season. It gave you just enough to go on for next season while wrapping up this season completely. I would say that if you held off on purchasing this season, that now is probably the time to buy it. Like any Telltale game it has it’s episodes that are good and bad, but it’s a stellar season and if you played the previous Batman game you’ll want to continue.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the fifth episode.

Batman: The Enemy Within



  1. Good review. Yep some things felt off. For example I let Catwoman rot in ep 3 and she just appeared in ep 5 as if nothing had happened. The ending also felt kinda sudden but overall I enjoyed it.

    • Thank you! I can’t believe you let Catwoman rot! How could you do that? Now we know what kind of a Batman you play. 😉

      I still just really wish that they would have devoted more time into making the Joker into the Joker. I really think it deserved more than two episodes. I know they’ll probably expand on it, but it just felt rushed.

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