Detroit: Become Human Demo Thoughts

Detroit: Become Human

For me to play the demo of a game, I have to be really interested in it and I’ve been really interested in this game since it was announced about two years ago at E3. What also made me interested about this game was that it was made by one of my favorite developers, Quantic Dream, who are developers known for their games like Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and more recently Beyond: Two Souls. Quantic Dream is a studio known for not taking their games lightly and it takes years for them to come out with an actual game. This game though was kind of teased a little bit before the official announcement two years ago at E3 when they came out with a little demo called Kara. It became such a big thing and now it’s actually turned into this full-fledged game. While the game comes out next month on the 25th there is a small demo available now on the PlayStation store and I couldn’t resist.

In The demo you play as Connor. Connor is an android sent on a hostage negotiation. His main goal is to save the human girl that’s been taken hostage by her android of a nanny. As Connor you’ll have to find out what the androids motives were, what actually went on, and in the end try to save the hostage,the android, and yourself. There are a huge number of options to choose from and in the end there’s four different outcomes that can possibly happen depending on the choices that you make throughout the course of the demo.

The first thing I noticed about the demo was that playing as Connor his movements were a little stiff. Walking around kind of felt like a chore and it wasn’t as fluid as I would have liked it to be. It seems like a struggle to try to move him left or right and I kind of felt like at times that I was using old fashion tank controls. Other than the stiff movements I felt that the demo ran smoothly and operated how it should have. It gave you a description of everything that you could possibly do and it basically served as a tutorial of what’s to come in the game when it’s released. The only other thing that bothered me about the demo was how short it was and how it really didn’t give you a backstory or a sense of reason as to why you were playing Connor and why he was doing what he was doing. At the end it gives you the option to go back to the checkpoint and redo the scene to see if you can get a different outcome, see if you find something you might have missed before, and so on. While I did play the demo twice to see if I could get two different outcomes I didn’t go and play the four times the demo wants you to play because it felt kind of repetitive after the second time as it goes through the same motions, but with just different answers different questions and different possibilities.

Overall I would say that this is turning out to be a really good game story wise. Hopefully by the time it’s released the problem with the stiff movements can be fixed. If these problems aren’t fixed then I can see this game being a little bit of a hassle to play and becoming tedious really quickly. This was the only thing that I found wrong with the demo. The demo time thing and the story thing is all stuff that comes with playing a demo, so I know it won’t be like that in the actual game. I will say though that after play the demo I am still really excited for this game and cannot wait for it to be released. I suggest that if you are a fan of Quantic Dream, you played their other games and like them, or if you’re a fan of a game that’s kind of like a Telltale game or a Life is Strange type of game then give this demo chance and see if you want to preorder the game.


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