This Week in Trophies 04-29-2018 – 05-05-2018

This was another sad week for trophies. I remember when I used to get so excited writing this blog because I would have 50+ trophies to brag about, now it’s like I’m lucky if I make it to 20 which is extremely rare these past few weeks / months. Anyway, this is what my week in the gaming world looked like.

Gems of War – 83%

I really don’t mind the updates for this game, especially with the improvements that it makes upon the game, but seriously what the hell with all of the trophies it has to add! I mean, I try to play this game to keep up with my Guild, which is severely lacking members, but it just seems never ending and it wants you to devote your entire life to it. If you play this game and are looking for a Guild, please let me know. One of these days I’m going to call it quits with this game, just not any time soon.

Gems of War

God of War – 32%

So I know how I’ve said this game is great and all, and it is, but I just thought the end, which I think was the end because after I finished the last mission the credits rolled, was just eh. Compared to the game as a whole, which was epic, it just felt like the ending fell really flat. I hate saying that because the game was amazing and such an improvement, but I don’t know about the ending. I’m going to have to think about it as I go back to get some more trophies.

God of WarGod of WarGod of WarGod of War

King Oddball – 23%

This game was free, starting this week and the rest of the month, and even though I vowed not to start a new game until I finished God of War or Far Cry 5, I couldn’t resist playing this game. I think it’s because I’ve played Baseball Riot and Tennis in the Face and I wanted to play this game because it’s basically the same thing. The only thing I can say about this game right now is that the graphics are really bad. They’re like blurry, and I don’t know if that was supposed to be like that or if it just is for some reason.

King OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing Oddball

That was it for this week, a lousy 10 trophies. This week my plan is to try and get the platinum for both God of War and Far Cry 5. I know it’s a hefty goal, but I think if I set my mind to it that I can do it, plus I have some free time this week. Not a lot, but some. I still have a bunch of prep for MegaCon which is less than 20 days away! So there’s that…and there’s work, which I hate, but I’ll let you know how things go next week.


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