This Week in Trophies 05-06-2018 – 05-12-2018

Another week, another crap week for trophies. I’m seriously not happy with where I’m at with trophies lately and it’s just because there is a hell of a lot going on. Let’s see my normal week in review was another shitty week at work, where it’s becoming a common thing and I try to just swallow all of my stress and smile acting like everything is completely normal. Then there was an issue with my dog this week, which why not just add that to the pile right? Anyway, that’s a very brief look at my real life and here’s a look at my trophy life.

God of War- 35%

Shit, these collectibles and completing every single area of this map is just killing me. I mean seriously there are so many collectibles and places that you have to 100%. It’s crazy. I mean just crazy. I have no idea where to start half the time when I start the game and usually I have no idea where I left off. At this point it’s one big cluster fuck of trying to find random shit.

God of War

King Oddball – 52%

So when I was young and carefree, mostly because I was unemployed, I had these games that I would call “starter games” they would start my gaming time which usually lasted anywhere between 8-10 hours a day. Now I would play these games for maybe an hour at the most before going to the next game, probably something better, before ending my gaming time with a huge AAA game. Anyway, I still try to do that now even though I don’t have 8-10 hours to game and I usually get stuck playing these little games and not moving onto anything else. This is where King Oddball came in this week. It’s not a bad game, the graphics are a little off, and it’s not a great game either. It’s just a starter game that turned into more than that this week.

King OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing OddballKing Oddball

So that was it. Only 7 trophies this week. A pretty crappy trophy week and I don’t expect it to be any better this upcoming week. I am going to try and finish King Oddball as well as God of War. I might try to get some random trophies in Far Cry 5, but I think I’ll wait to do that until a new buddy of mine gets the game and then we can grind out some trophies. I’ll let you know how things turn out next week.



  1. Oh man. Collectibles in GoW. I was really hoping that wouldn’t be the case. After playing Dragon Age Inquisition non stop looking for all missions etc to stand a chance i didn’t want to have to clear out the map in this one. Especially as The Witcher 3 is calling and that is gonna really target my addictive personality lol.

    DA this week. Then get back to GoW after and then finally start Far Cry Primal while slowly working on Rise of the Tomb Raider for 100% and then downloads like Bastion and Disney Afternoon Collection.

    I will eventually play FF7. It’s been years since I last played it and I’m looking forward to having that be my 2nd FF plat after World of Final Fantasy.

    Good luck with your trophy hunting.

    • The collectibles for GoW are just insane and giving me such a hard time. This map is pretty big in GoW too so it’s no easy task. I know DAI is huge, but this one is a pretty big one too.

      Good luck with finishing up DAI. Far Cry Primal will be super easy as everything kind of just comes naturally.

      Good luck with your trophy hunting!

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