The Countdown to MegaCon – Part 7

Just when I thought the announcements for MegaCon were done and I was basically set for this years show, a few more announcements rolled in along with one cancelation. I’m pretty sure this is going to be my last blog because as much as I can’t believe it, MegaCon is next week! I’m super excited so let’s get into those final announcements.

After Norman Reedus, I really thought that the lineup was packed, my Saturday and Sunday are going to be absolutely nuts, but there was still more! Making his first convention appearance at MegaCon is a True Blood star, not one that I wanted, but something for all of those True Blood fans out there.

Stephen Moyer

That’s right, the one and only Stephen Moyer from True Blood, and most recently The Gifted will be making an appearance at this years MegaCon. I would have thought that if they were going to bring a True Blood star it would have been Anna Paquin, but that’s just me. I was never really into True Blood anyway and I’m not into The Gifted and this is kind of a blessing in disguise because if I had to fit anyone else into my schedule it would be insane.

After this announcement, I figured that this was it, photo-ops were set to go on sale in a few days, but another announcement came and I was like huh? Anyway, this one is for all of the Stargate Atlantis fans out there.

Joe Flanigan

That’s right, John Sheppard himself, Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis will be joining the MegaCon lineup this year. Again, another blessing in disguise because I had no idea there was even a Stargate Atlantis. I used to watch the original Stargate but kind of loss track of that, so I have no idea who this person is or what the show he was in was about.

So, I think this is the final announcement and it’s a big one according to my co-worker who constantly quotes 2001: A Space Odyssey and then looks at me funny when I have no idea what she’s talking about. Anyway, this is another announcement that I was just like OK, but apparently it’s a huge deal.

Keir DulleaGary Lockwood

That’s right the stars of 2001: A Space Odyssey Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood will be at MegaCon celebrating the 50th anniversary of this movie. To this day I still haven’t seen this movie and probably won’t since MegaCon is next week, so another blessing in disguise as I don’t know how to add any more photo-ops and autographs into my weekend.


It’s never a MegaCon without a cancelation and after being to so many of these shows I’ve learned not to be upset even if they were someone that I really wanted to meet. I was cautiously awaiting a cancellation too since I had already purchased my photo-ops. It seems like after I purchase them that’s when the cancellations roll in so while I was kind of waiting for a cancellation, I was kind of surprised that the cancellation turned out to be Renee O’Connor which means no Xena Team-Up Photo-Op.

Renee OConnor - Cancelled


MegaCon Chair

Yes this is the final image of the MegaCon chair before everything gets sorted into bags based on what I’ll be doing on what day. I know this chair is a complete and utter mess and I do miss my chair so it’ll be a welcomed thing to sort everything into neat little baggies for each day so that I know what I’m taking and when I’m taking it. There are some things missing from the chair because I have to go and get them down from walls because they already have existing signatures on them, but this is basically it.

And that’s a wrap with the countdown! If something huge comes up though I will do one final blog, but I’m kind of feeling like this is a wrap since it’s literally a week away. Anyway, if you’re heading to MegaCon drop me a line down in the comments section below and let me know what you’re most excited for. As always, I’ll have a bunch of stuff to tell you guys after the show and I just can’t wait!


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