I Never Finished…BioShock 2…Because

BioShock 2

So, as you might already know, I love the BioShock series. If didn’t then I would have never gotten anything to do with BioShock inked on my body, because that stuff is forever you know. Anyway, right after I finished the first BioShock, I jumped into the second one, but for some reason just couldn’t get into it. After a couple of months and basically not having anything to play, can you imagine(?), I jumped back into the game but for all the wrong reasons. To play the multiplayer with my “friend.” This turned into a disaster soon and BioShock 2 still remains on my list of unfinished games.

BioShock 2 takes you back to Rapture, but you’re not some little guy running around for Fontaine this time, this time you get to play as a Big Daddy, named project Delta. I really thought that this was the highlight of the game because you get to play as one of these massive creatures and you have a drill. If you’ve played this game and say that using the drill isn’t fun, you’re completely fooling yourself. Anyway, as a Big Daddy you’ll start by seeing the events that basically caused the destruction of Rapture. This happens two years before the start of the first game, but the main gameplay of this game takes place ten years after that because you’ve been in a coma this whole time. I know the timeline can get a little confusing, but in true BioShock fashion, the story is so captivating that the timeline really doesn’t matter. Anyway, as Delta your main goal is to get back to Eleanor because as a Big Daddy she was the one that you bonded with and if you don’t get back to her you’ll fall back into your coma. During this time though you’ll run into some major players in Rapture and have to determine their fate. Will you be the horrible Big Daddy that everyone thinks you are or will you show them mercy? The choice is yours in this follow up to BioShock.

Like I said before, the first time I played this game, which was immediately after I played BioShock, I just couldn’t get into it. It was weird. I was in familiar territory, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. So I gave it up for a little. My “friend” convinced me to start playing again and to play the multiplayer. Big mistake because at this time we were becoming more like frenemies. This only amplified it as it turned into a big competition and even though we were in the same party we were pitted against each other a lot. Because we didn’t use the PS3 microphone, because the severs for this game are just shitty and so are the microphone aspects, we would either use Skype or our phones. This worked basically worked to our advantage as we were still able to talk while playing but also listen for clues to where the other one was and hunt them down. This seemed fun at first because it was like, “Oh I got you,” laugh, laugh, laugh and then it started to get serious. And it turned into this big competition when we were on opposing teams and even more competition when we were on the same team. It was weird and we soon stopped talking to each other that much. So with the multiplayer aspect of this game done, I decided to jump back into the game and start playing again. This time I made it through the game but like the original game I never went back to clean up the remaining trophies. Call it laziness on my part because even though this game gets a lot of criticism, it’s a good game. I enjoyed it, but I just didn’t have the time to start playing again and get all of the trophies.

I didn’t do bad though in the trophy department as you can see from the picture above. For starting the game and stopping before starting the game and playing through it all over again, I was able to get 40 out of the original 51 base trophies. Not bad for one and half playthroughs. I’m not missing that many trophies and most of them have to deal with the multiplayer as getting the platinum would require me to grind my way up to level 40. I think I’m possibly teetering on level 20 the last time I played, but grinding to level 40 is a huge grind. I also have to play the game one more time to finish up all the difficulty trophies and some other random trophies.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

BioShock 2

As much as I liked this game, because I really do, I think that if I play it again it’ll be on the PS4 instead of the PS3 where the multiplayer was removed. I really can’t see playing as many games as needed to reach level 40. It’s just impossible. The other trophies are possible but the last thing I want to do is go back into that multiplayer which wasn’t all that great to begin with and try to get to level 40 which just seems like a real chore. Maybe one day when the servers are closing a bunch of people are trying to play at once I’ll try, but just not now.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game? Hate it? Think it was a worthy sequel of the original? Let me know down in the comments section below. As for next week, it was back to my PS Vita since I was on my “friends” shit list once more, and the competition thing really became out of hand as for every platinum trophy that she got, I had to grind my way to three more platinum trophies. It was basically like anything you can do I can do better. So yeah, back to my PS Vita with a game that I actually purchased! I know it’s unbelievable but I couldn’t pass up on the 99 cent price tag. Anyway, next week I’ll let you know why I never finished Men’s Room Mayhem.



  1. I know the feeling with BioShock. This happened to me with Infinite until I finally began to love it a few months ago. I hated the mp on this game too and I couldn’t get into the trials but loved the story.

    • The story is really good as long as you take the time to get into it because it does take a little while. With Infinte, I loved it right away and couldn’t stop playing. I think the pace of this game was just a little slower.

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