MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Michaela Dietz

Michaela Dietz Autograph

After meeting DeeDee Magno, which you can read about here, I figured why not stop at Michaela Dietz’s booth next since they pretty much lined up the Steven Universe people and she was already out there. This time I was a little smarter though as I used my VIP pass but let the children go ahead in front of me possibly pissing off other VIP holders, but I really didn’t care. Seeing cartoon voice actors at MegaCon is so great for kids because they get to meet these people that they hear on TV and I’m not going to be the asshole who basically says, “sorry your parents didn’t get you a VIP pass kid, better luck next time.”

Anyway, when I did get my turn I was actually super excited because meeting DeeDee was pretty cool and I love Michaela as Amethyst in Steven Universe. She’s like the gem I want to be like. She’s funny and goofy and she brings a lot to the show. The session started with her looking at my already signed print and asking about the name because DeeDee has super neat hand writing. It was funny because Michaela thought the T looked like a J and then we went into a whole discussion about the different ways you can write the letter T. There were post it notes involved and everything.

What was even funnier was when she found out that my Dad’s name was Tony, and then she took a video of both of us, that went a little something like this:

Michaela points her phone at my dad and says Tony to which my dad responds Tony. She then points her phone at me and says Toni to which I say Toni. She then points the phone to herself and says TONI.

It was really great fun and we laughed through the first one because she realized she didn’t have the phone on and we had to do it again. Extremely funny and memorable. After that it was autograph and selfie time.

Overall it was a really great autograph session and I really enjoyed meeting Michaela. She’s as funny and goofy as her character and it just seems like the perfect match. Most of the autograph session was spent laughing and it was well worth it.

Michaela Dietz Selfie



  1. Cool! I was at Megacon on Saturday. I was one of the Gazillion Raven’s from Teen Titans running around lol. Glad you had a great time! BTW…. Love your shirt!

    -Luna 🙂

    • That’s so cool! I didn’t even get a chance to walk around Saturday. Way too crowded and too many autograph/photo-ops to get to. Sounds like you had a great time as well!

      Thank you, I love Bob’s Burgers and Tina!

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