MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Estelle

Estelle Autograph

My final autograph on Thursday was with the amazing Estelle who is not only known for her awesome music but also for playing Garnet on Steven Universe. I already had two signatures on my Steven Universe print, so why not go for the third and just about finish my collection.

Sometimes when on line you have to wait for the person before you to finish up with their session and I always enjoy this part. Not because I know I’m next, but because I like to people watch and the lady in front of me had this amazing story to tell Estelle and an awesome Garnet tattoo to show off. It was just really cool to watch especially when the person in front of you totally just geeks out and you can tell that meeting this person has just made their day. It’s awesome.

Anyway, when it was my turn I was actually super nervous. I’m usually not nervous, but this is Estelle who just oozes coolness no matter what she’s doing. I said a quick hello and we discussed the autographs that were already on the print. I then told her that I thought that Garnet was a complete badass. She totally agreed and gave me a piece of candy. It was a banana lady taffy and I asked her how she knew that it was my favorite candy. She then said, “Darling I just know these things,” which was just so cool. After that it was onto signing my print and a quick selfie.

All I have to say about this autograph session is that I went in think that Estelle was cool and left still thinking and now knowing that Estelle is totally cool.

Estelle Picture


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