MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood Autograph

I told you that Saturday and Sunday was just crazy right? The key is to try and get the most autographs in on Saturday unless the celebrity has a late photo-op or panel on Sunday because if not they aren’t hanging around that long. Anyway, it might come as a surprise to some of you that I would actually want to meet Elijah Wood because I’m not a Lord of the Rings fan. I am a fan though of a little game called Broken Age.

When I got up to Elijahs Woods line, I learned that I would have to pay extra for an oversized print. My print was 11”x17” which is a pretty standard size, but according to his handlers, anything over 8”x10” is oversized meaning I had to shell out an extra $20 for his autograph making the price jump to $100. At this point I seriously considered walking off the line and just saying forget it, but I bought this beautiful Broken Age print and I wanted to start my autograph collection on it. I shelled out the money and was on my way.

I have to say that when you first meet Elijah Wood is that you notice his eyes. He has the most amazing blue eyes that you have ever seen and this is coming from someone who doesn’t play for that team, but I can appreciate a man with beautiful eyes. Anyway I said a hello to him before I got a, “oh wow, this is from Broken Age!” from him. I leaned in a little and joked about how I figured I would change things up for him and bring in something that wasn’t from Lord of the Rings to sign. This got a laugh from him and then we talked about Broken Age and how he came about doing the project because he loved Lucas Art games like Maniac Mansion. I said it must have been great to work with basically voice acting royalty like Jennifer Hale who played his mom and he even agreed that it was awesome to be in the same game as her.

After our conversation I was on my way unexpectedly really happy to have had the chance to meet Elijah and have such a pleasant conversation with him.


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