E3 2018 – Xbox Conference

I have to say the one thing I like about the Xbox conference year after year is that they really have a no BS style when it comes to opening the show. It starts off with a trailer for the next Halo game and offers a decent look at it before the BS part comes in. Every conference has to have some BS to it, but it’s nice to see when a conference actually lets you see something before getting to the usual BS, like how great this console is and all that other stuff. But we aren’t here for a console war, we’re here to see games, so I’m going to break it down between exclusives and non-exclusives. Let’s start with the exclusives.


– Ori: The Will of Wisps is the first exclusive shown and it looks a little familiar like it was shown off last year. Anyway, it’s a cute little platformer that looks like it has a lot of heart to it.

– Crackdown 3…is shown again. This has become one of those games that it’s like either release it or scrap it because I’m tired of seeing it at E3. Apparently this game will be released in February 2019 this time.

– Sea of Thieves is next as an exclusive with an update of what’s to come for the game that from what I’ve seen kind of looks meh and not really the game that I thought it would be after seeing some gameplay.

– Forza Horizon 4 is next because it wouldn’t be an Xbox conference without a Forza game. This time the game is set in historic Britain and everything changes with the season’s and is open world. This will release 10/2 of this year.

– Player Unknown Battleground is up next with a showcase of what’s coming up for the game.

– Session which is a new skateboarding game that’s coming out and it’s exclusive, no crying here. I basically thought this genre of games were dead at this point, but there you go.

– Black Desert is next which is a medieval type of game that looks meh.

– Cuphead is up next with what looks like DLC that will be available next year.

– Tunic a game that looks like Zelda with a fox. Weird…yet intriguing.

– Battletoads is back with this comic book type feel to it and a lot of hype.

– Gears of War is the last big exclusive to be shown and it wasn’t one game, but three. So the first Gears was a Funko Pop! game, I’m thinking this is to compete with LEGO. Then a new Gears Tatical game called…Gears Tactic. Then the big finale which was the promo and gameplay of Gears 5. I have to say that this is the one game that I would totally buy an Xbox for.

World Premieres!

– Sekiro: Shadows Die twice was the first world premiere of a game that will be released on all platforms. It’s a samurai game which isn’t really my thing, but it does look interesting.

– Fallout 76 is next, which was weird because I thought that they would wait until the Bethesda show tonight to show off. Apparently this is prequel to all the other Fallout games and is set in West Virginia. This is apparently a bigger game than Fallout 4 which is interesting.

– The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is up next and apparently it’s free? Anyway, it takes place in the Life is Strange universe and it’s about a kid just being a kid.

– Metro Exodus comes up next and this game is like Crackdown 3. It’s been delayed and I’m at that point of where it’s one of those games that should just come out or be scrapped no matter how good it looks. It does have a release date of 2/22/2109 which is the same release date as Anthem.

– Kingdom Hearts 3 is next because this is the first time that it will be on an Xbox console. Of course it has a Frozen theme because this movie has to be just played to death. I’m sorry, but I’m in that party of where I think that Frozen is completely overrated and overly done to the point of that I’m over it.

– Battlefield V is next with the story that was promised by EA at their conference. It wasn’t much, but it made the game look interesting. Not interesting enough to buy though.

– Tales of Vesperia which has this Ni No Kuni vibe to it is up next and just isn’t for me so I kind of zoned out.

– The Division 2 is up next and I really thought that this would be held off until the Ubisoft conference tomorrow, but it wasn’t and it was shown off in full. It looks amazing and I always like the people that they show playing and how they interact with other people, because that does not work in real life. Conversations are not like that in games and it’s just funny how Ubisoft has this concept of that’s how people play together. Anyway, the game looks amazing and I think I’ll get it on release day this time so that I won’t feel left behind when I get to playing it and everyone is already over leveled. Set release date is 3/15/2019.

– Shadow of the Tomb Raider is up next and it looks really good. I couldn’t get into Rise of the Tomb Raider, but this game looks really good and I’m sure I’ll buy it at some point. Apparently this is the game that makes Lara Croft into the Lara Croft that we are introduced to in the original game.

– Devil May Cry 5 is showcased next and it’s a game 10 years in the making. This is a game for the fans because of how bad they wanted it. Another series that I never got into and probably never will.

– Jump Force is next and promises a world of good and evil merging and having to play as the hero who fights for the survival of the human race.

– Dying Light 2 is up next and it makes me want to get back into Dying Light and finish it so that I can play this on release date. Anyway, with this game you’ll now make choices and it will shape the world that you live in. There are hundreds of choices to make and all of them effect the game and how everything turns out. All I have to say is that it looks really amazing.

– Just Cause 4 comes out 12/4/2018 and it’s about a man who was born to fight wars until the enemy changed. It looks campy like all of the other Just Cause games.

– CyberPunk 2077 is shown in a surprise ending and it seems like this game won’t even come out until 2077 because it was just a promo that was shown and nothing substantial.

Overall an underwhelming show that showed off Xbox’s answer to PS Now which is Game Pass. Game Pass is a monthly type streaming game service that at least includes new releases included in the price. This is nice, but it didn’t show a price which is meh. There was also bragging about Microsoft Studio’s “acquiring” smaller game studio’s to make them better. This made me question the We Happy Few trailer that was shown because this was supposed to be released for all consoles and now that Compulsion Studios was acquired by Microsoft Studio’s, I’m not sure now. This sucks because I was really looking forward to this game and now I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to play it. There was also the typical montage of games that I couldn’t even keep up with that was shown really quickly, I didn’t even see half the games that were shown. The show ended on the strong side and it hinted, just hinted at a new console. That was it for Xbox and up next tonight is the Bethesda conference that I’m looking forward to.


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