This Week in Trophies 06-03-2018 – 06-09-2018

This was a pretty interesting week in trophies for me, I got a bunch of Detroit: Become Human trophies, but still didn’t get the platinum, I also started a new game which I had no intention of doing, but it couldn’t be helped, and I’m one step closer to finishing King Oddball. That was with a bunch of life stuff going on so I’m pretty proud of myself. Check out which trophies I was actually able to get down below.

Detroit: Become Human – 79%

I’m so close to the platinum trophy for this game that I can taste it. I have to do two more playthroughs of this game and get them right before I can get it, but I’m up for the task and I’ll work on doing that this week. Other that, I went back and cleaned up a bunch of trophies this week and am not really that upset that I’ll have to do two more playthroughs since I don’t feel like it will be a hassel.

Detroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become HumanDetroit: Become Human

King Oddball – 71%

Another game that I’m so close to finishing that I can taste it. I am one trophy away from having 100% complete on this game and at this point I’m pretty dedicated to getting it, so I expect to get it within the next week. The only thing I’m working on is the diamond levels, which are hard but I only have a handful left so this shouldn’t be a problem.

King OddballKing Oddball

Unravel TWO – 4%

This was probably the best thing to come out of E3 so far and the best part was that after they announced it, it was available! Amazing. I loved the first Unravel, you can read my full review of that game here, and I’m loving the second game as well. I look forward to playing more of this game this week and getting into the whole story that unfolds behind the story of Yarny.

Unravel TWOUnravel TWOUnravel TWO

And there you have it a total of 16 trophies for the week. Not a bad haul for me for one week. Next week now will be touch and go with trophies because while I’ll be getting Unravel TWO trophies and trophies for a game that I think might be coming out tonight, Fallout Shelter, I’ll also try to finish up Detroit: Become Human and King Oddball. If I could finish these two games up and get the 100% complete and platinum, then next week’s trophies will be good even if there aren’t many. I’ll let you know how things turned out for me next week.


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