MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison Autograph

After meeting Norman Reedus, which you can read about here, it was another mad dash for an autograph before photo-ops started. I have to say on Saturday and Sunday me and my dad kind of have this procedure down to a T now. He basically waits in the VIP waiting area while I scout the area to see who has come out and who’s going to be next. When I seen Jennifer Morrison pop out from behind the curtain I signaled to my dad and it was off to meet her.

I was pretty excited to meet Jennifer Morrison because I had watched her first on House, then on How I Met Your Mother, and finally on Once Upon a Time. Watching Once Upon a Time I was always a SwanQueen shipper from the beginning. When meeting Jennifer she was extremely friendly and in a rare occasion I was able to actually hold up the line, sorry people behind me, and ask a full blown question. This was mostly because I wasn’t sure I would make the panel so she told me to ask away. My question was about the ending of the show and I wanted to know which ending she liked better. The final ending when she left the show or the reboot ending that ended the series. She said that she wasn’t sure because they film out of order and she didn’t watch the show since season 2. She said she would have to binge watch and see. I went on to tell her that I wish they would have went a little further into the wish realm stuff and that Regina would have found a wish realm Emma so that they could have lived happily ever after. She said that she liked my idea and that would have been and interesting twist to throw in. This made me squee with fangirl-ness and I thanked her for answering and being able to meet her.

Apparently meeting her once wasn’t enough though because I had to go back Sunday and meet her again because the rain ruined my signed poster so I got another quick autograph with her and a selfie. Thanked her again and she made sure to tell me to protect this autograph because this was my last chance at getting the autograph. We laughed and the session was over.

Overall it was really nice to be able to meet Jennifer Morrison. She’s super nice, maybe a little timid at first but she really warms up throughout the session. It was a really great session and well worth a second go around.


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