MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – John Cena

John Cena Autograph

So if you’ve read any of my blogs, you might know that I’m an old school WWE fan. Mostly because I never finished a lot of WWE games. Anyway, this was the first year that MegaCon was going to have some WWE superstars attend the show. While I didn’t necessarily know the newer people who attended, I did know this fan favorite and knew that I had to meet him because of the tremendous amount of respect that I have for him. So my last autograph session for Saturday was the one and only John Cena.

I have to say that I was once again a little annoyed at the no personalization on the autograph thing because, if you don’t get it personalized then it’s just a random autograph. I know this isn’t the celebrity’s fault, it’s mostly the event and the handlers because they have these huge people that attract massive crowds and they want everyone to get an autograph. But seriously, writing a name takes an extra five seconds. Anyway, I picked out the picture I wanted and went up to meet John Cena who has to be one of the happiest people that I have ever met. He was genuinely happy to be at MegaCon and meet his fans.

When I first met him he immediately shook my hand and this man’s hand is huge. Like his hand covered my whole hand. I let my dad take the lead on this one as well and let him tell a joke about John Cena recently losing at WrestleMania to the Undertaker. It was a corny joke, but John still laughed and said how he would have to remember that one. After a minute more of conversation we were rushed along and the session was over.

I really enjoyed meeting John Cena and it was an awesome way to end the day of autographs. Not only does John Cena do a lot for our troops and the Make a Wish foundation, but he does a lot for his fans and really takes the time to talk to them and interact with him. So a big thank you to John Cena for a pretty awesome autograph session.

John Cena Picture


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