MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

This was one of those autographs that I was really excited for and it was my first autograph on Sunday. I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan and have been since day one. I’ve never met any of the Game of Thrones cast members so when we were herded like cattle and had to pre-pay for this autograph I didn’t care because it’s Khal Drogo! Even the no personalization rule didn’t bother me this time.

Anyway, after a short wait Jason Momoa appeared from behind the curtain. The first thing you notice about him is that this man is just super tall. I mean I’m short, as you can see from my various pictures, but this man is like huge tall. Like I had to lean my head back to look at him. Anyway there was a lot of fangirl screaming, not in my end and we were rushed up to his table. Unlike Jeff Goldblum though he actually took time to fist bump fans and talk to them. I produced my Game of Thrones poster for him and told him that he was the first to sign it. He asked me where to sign it and I told him to just sign wherever because I’m not one of those people who have a specific space for people to sign. I want everything to be random and chaotic. We talked a little about Game of Thrones and how I thought he was amazing on the show even though he was killed off during the first season. He gave me a “what the hell was up with that?” and a laugh. I said that even though he was killed off so quickly he left a lasting impression and played a huge role in the whole scheme of things. He thanked me, I thanked him and I was on my way.

I have to say I really enjoyed meeting Jason Momoa who is really larger than life but so down to earth and just a really cool person to meet. It was a really great way to kick off Sunday.


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