MegaCon 2018 – Autograph Session – Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite

This was my very last autograph session for this years MegaCon and it was one that I look forward too every year. This is mostly because it’s an autograph session from someone who was on a show that was way before it’s time and it’s like there can’t be a MegaCon without someone from the cast of Firefly. This year, MegaCon was able to get my very favorite Firefly actress Jewel Staite.

When it was time to go and meet Jewel, I got the attention of my constant companion for the past two days, not my dad who was equally excited and already lurking around Jewel’s line, but my VIP concierge. It’s funny because this was the second year that this super nice lady, who for the life of me I can’t remember her name, lead me around Saturday and Sunday. She lead me to Jewel’s line and we said our goodbyes until next year and then it was time to meet Jewel.

Jewel was super nice as I already kind of expected since I had heard good things about her all weekend. We talked about Firefly of course as she signed my poster and discussed how I did not watch Serenity yet. I say yet because it’s on my list of movies to watch, I just suffer from lack of time and lack of not watching the last two episodes of Firefly. I have this thing where I can’t bring myself to do it every time I rewatch Firefly. Anyway, I asked about the possibility of Firefly coming back and tossed in there that she was my absolute favorite Firefly character. She thanked me but said the time had passed for bringing Firefly back. This was sad but understandable. After the session she shook my hand and I thanked her again.

After such a hectic weekend, meeting Jewel was the prefect way to end my autograph sessions and be done with the show for one more year. I really enjoyed meeting my favorite Firefly character and just like everyone had said, she is super nice and just extremely pleasant to meet and chat with.


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