Ocean’s 8 Review

Ocean's 8

As many of you know, I’m not the big movie goer that I used to be. I prefer to sit at home and watch a movie casually when it comes on various different availabilities. I rent them if I’m really interested in them on the PSN store, if not I wait for them to come to various different streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, or I wait for them to eventually be shown on HBO. Anyway,I kind of want to change that because I end up missing a lot of movies and even though I still don’t like my local AMC theater, I decided to forgo all of that and venture out to start seeing some movies on the big screen again. The first movie that was kind of a must see for me was Ocean’s 8.

I was a huge fan of the Ocean’s movies, both old and new, and thought that a new female take on them would be interesting even after the failure that was Ghostbusters with an all female lead. This can’t be all movies that contain all female leads so I took a chance. Ocean’s 8 is about Debbie Ocean, played by Sandra Bullock. Debbie has been released from prison after running some scams and eventually being conned herself. She’s dealing with the loss of her brother, Danny Ocean, while planning the con to end all cons. In order to do that though she’s going to need some help from some friends and some new people that she’ll meet along the way. Her first recruit is long time friend Lou, played by Cate Blanchett. When they were younger Debbie and Lou used to run Bingo scams and make a thousand a week, which was apparently nothing. Anyway, to pull off such a huge heist that includes stealing from the Met Gala and stealing a diamond necklace worth millions they’re going to need a dress designer, played by Helena Bonham Carter, a hacker, played by Rihanna, a fence, played by Sarah Paulson, a diamond expert, played by Mindy Kaling, and a con artist, played by Awkwafina. Now all they need is an unsuspecting actress who will wear the dress that the dress designer is going to make for them that will give them easy access to the necklace and that’s where Anne Hathaway comes in. Will these women be able to not only pull off this movie, but the heist itself? You’ll have to watch this movie which is full of twists and turns to find out.

I was really surprised by this movie for a couple of reasons. First of all it wasn’t some huge sausagefest, I’m stealing your word here @tjarvinen86, it was about women who were capable and didn’t need men to help them pull off this huge heist. Second of all was that this movie didn’t completely suck like the last Ocean’s movie did. This was a new take on an old franchise and it was like a breath of fresh air. That’s not to say that if they continue with this franchise that it won’t become stale like the previous ones, but right now the movie is fresh and new. I really liked the story as a whole and enjoyed the many twists and turns that one should expected when watching an Ocean’s movie. It played out exactly like a regular Ocean’s movie and the only thing that was different was that it had an all female cast. This is a good thing though and I wish that more movies were like that because it shows that not all women need some man to tell them what to do and when to do it. Women can think for themselves and plan out elaborate cons all by themselves. This was the total girl power type movie and I loved it.

Now the cast is a really important part because if you don’t have the right kind of cast who doesn’t click, it can ruin a whole movie. This did not happen with this movie though. The whole cast clicked and every single character had a bunch of chemistry with the other characters making this movie shine even more. Each character played their part to perfection and it was absolute magic on the screen. I did get some more than just vibes from Debbie and Lou, so here’s hoping that if they continue with this franchise that the movie studio doesn’t use this to queer bait like they did in Pitch Perfect 3, which you can read my review of here.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

If you’re a fan of the Ocean’s movies then I think that you’ll love this one because it doesn’t break from that same style of movie and the only difference is that it has a full female cast. If you aren’t a fan of Ocean’s of have ever seen an Ocean’s movie I think that this is a great starting point and will really get you into the movie. Not to mention that all these women together are just funny. It makes for the perfect movie and the perfect night out so I would recommend seeing this one in the theater if you can.


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