I Never Finished…Little Big Planet Karting…Because

Little Big Planet Karting

With my friendship already ruined, not because of the Little Big Planet franchise, I decided that if I couldn’t finish Little Big Planet 2, you can read about that here, I would go ahead and play this new PS+ free game, Little Big Planet Karting. What could possibly go wrong with this game? It was Little Big Planet, my little Liara sackboy transferred over, and it was about racing. Keep reading to find out why I never finished it.

This game basically takes the same Little Big Planet formula and adds in a go kart racing theme to it. Basically the main goal of this game is to play with other people, because it’s no fun to race by yourself, and to come in first place. There are of course a bunch of different tracks to race on, not to mention the user generated material, and along the way there will be some ammo drops to help you with the competition. This is basically PlayStation’s answer to Mario Kart, just not as successful.

I’m not going to say that I didn’t enjoy this game because the few times that I played it I did. It’s just that I really don’t like racing games and I should have known better because this was a racing game. SO this is a complete racing game, there is no in between. It’s just race after race after race after race. The track could look different each time, and does, but underneath it all it’s still just a racing game. Is it cute? Sure, but cute didn’t save this game or hold my interest in it to keep playing. So I never finished this game because of my lack of interest in it.

Out of the 45 trophies available for this game, I was able to get a pathetic 10 trophies. This is because I really didn’t even try. Like I said I’m not a fan of racing games, but that didn’t stop me from later on in this on going list from playing another one. You’ll have to wait to hear about that one, but for now this game had some really easy trophies and if I would have put some kind of effort into it, I could have gotten a lot more than just 10. I’m not saying that I would be able to platinum this game. Only really dedicated people can platinum Little Big Planet games and hats off to them, but I am not one of those people.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

I really can’t see myself playing this game unless I had some kind of strange need to play all of the Little Big Planet games again for some reason. This is just one of those games that will sit on my list and never be finished. Sometimes games are just like that and even though I hate that I only got 10 trophies and I could at least get about 10 more, I just don’t want to.

Now it’s your turn. Did you love this game as much as you loved the other games in this franchise? Did you hate this game and think it was the worst in the franchise? Let me know down in the comments section below. Now for next week, a game that I had been waiting ages to play and was really excited when it was on sale so I picked it up. Unfortunately it wasn’t the kind of game I expected and after a couple of attempts to play it ended up on this list. So next time I’ll let you know why I never finished Fat Princess.


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