GLOW: Season 2 Review


I have to say that I wasn’t even sure I was going to watch the second season of this show after watching the first season. You could read my review of the first season here. Anyway, I decided to give this show a second chance and see what season two had to offer. Would it make improvements to the overall story of the show or would it still be the Ruth and Debbie show? Keep reading to find out.

Picking up where season one left off, the first episode of GLOW was just taped and was picked up by a big TV network. With a lot of promise, there’s also a lot of pressure for the wrestlers as well as the producers of the show. Will they get this show to work or will it just crash and burn. The whole cast returns for the second season along with the addition of a few new characters, but everything basically remained the same character wise. While the overall plot is about getting the first season of GLOW to go off without a hitch so that it can continue past the first season, it’s still basically the Ruth and Debbie show as most of the episodes concentrated on them and their ever going saga of if they can ever be friends again. You’ll see Ruth struggle with past decisions while trying to move forward and you’ll see Debbie enter into a world that’s basically foreign to her as she’s going through a divorce while still trying to be a part of the show. You’ll get some time with the other characters this season, but not enough that anything really comes from it.

I have to say that after the second episode of this season, I was seriously hooked and could not stop watching. Every chance that I had to grab a couple of episodes I took because I had to see where this show was going. Even though it didn’t go in the direction that I wanted it to and fleshed out everyone’s back story, it was still more interesting than the previous season and it kind of left off with a cliffhanger of an ending so hopefully this gets picked up for another season so that it can continue to progress. I will say that even though it was still the Ruth and Debbie story, a few more characters were able to break out from the pack this season and get a little time for themselves and that was an interesting turn of events, but I think if they would have cut out some Ruth and Debbie time this could have been done for a lot more characters. I think that with a little more work this show can really be something great and something truly worth gushing about. Right now it’s on that border and with a push in the right direction it could become a really great show. I want to see more than just Ruth and Debbie out of the ring. I want to see more of Sam and his struggles, like the episodes this season that showed Sam, the forever bachelor, adjusting to have a daughter in his life. I want to see more episodes revolving around Bash and his struggles with coming to terms with his sexuality. I want more of this and less of this Ruth and Debbie thing. It’s obvious they can never be friends with each other again and just seeing Ruth try and Debbie being a bitch is getting a little played out.

This is still an ensemble show that wouldn’t work without the full cast of this show. I bring my point back to Orange is the New Black. If that show was just the Alex and Piper show it wouldn’t work, just like as much as this show wants to concentrate on Ruth and Debbie it’s not going to work. If they continue to go on this route then the shows not going to last that long. There are a whole cast of other characters who are interesting and have stories to tell. They just need to be told! Like I said before, they kind of worked on this aspect of the show this season, but there needs to be more of it next season for the show to actually work.

The acting this time around got a lot better I have to say and everyone felt more comfortable in their roles. This was a good thing because it made the show more interesting. I will say that this time around I was able to pick out a few characters that were interesting unlike last season where I couldn’t find anyone to relate to. This season there were a bunch of characters to be able to relate to and mostly it was, as much as I hate saying this, Ruth. Yes, I can relate to Ruth. If you’ve already watched you were probably thinking that I could relate to Yolana, but just because she’s a lesbian and so am I doesn’t mean that I can relate to her. I can relate to Ruth because Ruth is a people pleaser and she tries her hardest to please everyone even if that means sacrificing her own ambitions to do so. This was relatable to me, and I hate that, but Alison Brie just really pulled that off this season and she was not only this super people pleaser but also still super awkward. Overall the acting really improved this season and it payed off.

Overall I give this season of GLOW a 4 out of 5.

While this show still isn’t for everyone, if you were a fan of the first season of course you’re going to want to watch the second season. If you didn’t watch the first season, but were kind of interested in this show I would say now is the time to start watching. You could easily binge watch both seasons in the matter of two days since there’s only 10 episodes and they’re 30-40 minutes long. While there were some improvements this show is still lacking just a little bit. Hopefully with time this show will continue to grow and continue to get better. So here’s hoping that this show gets picked up for another season.


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