Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

I remember seeing the original animated Beauty and the Beast with my mom in the movie theater when I was a child because I begged her to go. I just had to see this movie and it’s actually the first instance of going to the movie theater that I remember. So when this movie became available on Netflix, there was some nostalgia going in and some pretty big expectations for this movie since it held so much value for me as a child. Did this movie deliver? Keep reading to find out.

Beauty and the Beast is about Belle, played by Emma Watson, who is the very strange village girl who likes to read and isn’t like the other ladies of the village who’s main goal in life is to find a man and get married and have kids. Belle lost her mother as an infant and has been raised by her father Maurice, played by Kevin Kline, who makes clocks. While she goes along her daily life, she is constantly perused by Gaston, played by Luke Evans, who thinks that Belle is the most beautiful girl in the village so he has to marry her. Belle is having none of this and after one horrifying night where Maurice just happens to stumble upon Beast, played by Dan Stevens, Belle quickly takes his place as Beast’s prisoner so that her father doesn’t suffer. What she doesn’t know is that Beast is actually a man who was so superficial that when he refused to help an enchantress he was turned into a Beast and given a chance to change before a certain amount of time or he would forever remain the same and the once household staff that he had would also remain in their household object forms forever.

I was extremely surprised that this live action reenactment of Beauty and the Beast actually held up really well to the animated movie. Everything was basically the same, with the addition of a few new songs, and was still the movie that I remembered as a child. It was really amazing in that aspect and of course it was a Disney movie so it had that happily ever after thing where the people who need to learn their lessons do and the people who just suck end up with this horrible fate, but no one really cares about that. I really did enjoy the movie though and thought that it not only played out well as a live action film, but also the CGI in the movie was just amazing. Making household objects come alive and look almost real is no easy task and this movie does it. It also puts pretty high profile celebrities in as these household objects and kind of reveals who they are later in the movie which is a surprise.

The cast was one of the things that really made this movie because without this ensemble I don’t think the movie could have survived the two hour run time that it had. Everyone just clicked and was played to perfection by each and every actor in the movie. While a lot of the credit goes to Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, a huge kudos has to go to the household object staff which included huge names like Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Audra McDonald, and Stanley Tucci. Without them this movie would have been boring, but the way they bring the household objects they were turned into to life is just amazing.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

This was a really amazing movie that if you were a fan of the animated movie, you’ll want to see this one and see how it plays out exactly the same even as a live action movie. The transformation is a pretty amazing one and it really makes to movie, not to mention the cast as a whole just works together to make this movie come to life. If you’ve never seen the animated movie, I would still suggest watching this movie since it’s not only kid friendly, but adult friendly as well and can be enjoyed by both. Overall it was a great movie and who can really pass up on an awesome Disney movie?




  1. I was never that into the original. In fact if the big 4 from the renaissance I’d put it as my least fave but that’s only cos it’s prob more likely to appeal to girls compared to Aladdin but anyway it was still a very good film. But this was awesone. Amazing voice acting and beautiful cgi. Emma Watson was amazing as you’d expect and Luke Evans was brilliant and oh man Gaston really deserved to die for what he did.

    But here is the important question. Should the Beast have stayed the same or become human again ☺

    • Even though Emma Watson was great in that role, I could have also seen Anna Kendrick in that same role but that’s just me. Gaston totally got the fate that he deserved.

      Ohh that is an important question. I think that the ending got it right that the Beast was right in getting his humanity back. That’s really the whole point of the movie no? He has to learn from his past mistakes, granted he has to do it in a specific amount of time, but I don’t think that really plays into the movie because Belle helps him overcome his lack of humanity. It’s one of those movies that shows that people can change over time, especially if given the right reasons to change. Is it real and can you relate to it? Not really because people usually don’t change. Who knows maybe after being granted his humanity back, Beast became a total ass again within a few months and complained that Belle could lose a few pounds. This is a Disney movie though, so happy endings all around.

      Did you think that Beast should become human again?

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