I Never Finished…Mirror’s Edge…Because

Mirror's Edge

I had originally seen this game back some time at E3 when it was first announced and thought that it looked super cool and it was one of those games that I had to have and I was just going to love it to bits because of all the running and jumping and action. Turns out though it was pretty forgettable because I didn’t remember it until I found a used copy of it. Remember how badly I had wanted to play it at one time, I decided to pick it up and give it a go, but you know the deal if it’s on this list I never finished it.

In Mirror’s Edge you’ll get the chance to play as Faith Connors. Faith is a runner. Not like a track runner, but a message delivery runner who has to jump across buildings, scale ventilation ducts, and scale walls in order to deliver messages. While doing this she also has to avoid the government in this first person platforming parkour game. Just doing her job, one day Faith finds out that her sister is in trouble and the spends the rest of the game trying to get her out of the trouble that she’s in.

I hated this game from the moment that I first started playing. I know that’s a highly unpopular opinion and you can complain about it in the comments section, but that’s just me. I didn’t like the story, I didn’t like the parkour style of the game, which I was now used to in Assassin’s Creed, and I just didn’t like the platforming in first person. This wasn’t the game that I thought it was when I first seen it way back when it first was shown off at E3 and I was severely disappointed. I finished the main story of the game in three days flat, because at that point of my gaming history, I at least had to finish the game, put it away and never looked back.

As you can see from the picture above, I was able to get a total of 17 out of the 45 base trophies the game has to offer, 51 if you count the DLC. This was for doing all of the story missions and getting around to doing the various different things this game wanted you to do. Some of the trophies included were difficulty related, movement related, and time trials. Such a fun trophy list.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

Mirror's Edge

That’s right a 0 probability of me ever playing this game again. Why 0? Because I hated this game. Hated it. I can’t spell it out enough how much I truly hated this game. Let me try it this way. If this was the only game left on the planet I would give up gaming altogether and live a game-less life. That’s how much I truly hated this game, so I can never see myself playing it again and have no interest in anything else to do with this series.

Now it’s your turn. Love this game? Hate it, like me? Let me know down in the comments section. After Mirror’s Edge it seemed like I was just on a roll with games that I would end up not liking, but after the hassle of finishing this game, which I hated, I decided to just say screw this and if I didn’t like a game I wasn’t going to even bother finishing it. That leads us to my next game that I never finished and that’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I’ll let you know why I never finished that one next week.


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